Essential Oil German chamomile matrix

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The Product

The essential oil of organic matrix chamomile is artisanally distilled and comes from France. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties

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The Plant

German chamomile matrix
Plante : German chamomile matrix

Nom Latin : Matricaria Recutita

Partie de la plante : Flowery

Origine : France

Originally from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, matrix chamomile (also called German chamomile) is now widespread in almost all of Europe and willingly colonizes abandoned land as well as the non-treated fields. Wild or cultivated species, chamomile is harvested in summer, in full flower. It owes its name to Greek Chamos (because it grows near the ground) and Melos (because its flowers have a perfume close to that of the apple). The matricaria genre name comes from the Matrix Latin, -icis "1. Reproductive, female, 2. Matrix" and the suffix -arius, -aria, by allusion to the virtues of the plant. Finally, it's the plant of blond hair!

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Discover the use of organic and artisanal matrix chamomile hydrosol. True anti-allergic it has anti-inflammatory properties

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The Distillation

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