Hydrolat Blueberry of Champs

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The Product

Our Blueberry Hydrolate Biological certification acts on irritated eyes and pockets under the eyes. It also soothes and treats the skin.

AB Certification


The Plant

Blueberry of Champs
Plante : Blueberry of Champs

Nom Latin : Centaura Cyanus

Partie de la plante : Flowery

Origine : France

Fresh distilled plant by Essenciagua. Originally from the Middle East, the blueberry is a typically messicole plant (hence its name "Bleuet des Moissons") which has spread in all temperate regions of the world by following the progression of cereal crops. This plant which reaches up to 50 cm high on rich and light floors gradually disappears, destroyed by herbicides ... Among its many nicknames, the blueberry carries that of "Lights", allusion to its beneficial action on sight. It is true that blueberries do wonder to make their liveliness in tired eyes. Tip: In addition to digestion, add a few pinches of fresh blueberries to your salads!

The Distillation


Bouclier Respiration & Allergies : Conjonctivite
Appliquer des compresses imbibées d'hydrolat de Bleuet sur les yeux peut aider à réduire l'inflammation et l'irritation due à la conjonctivite grâce à ses propriétés apaisantes et anti-inflammatoires.
Kit d'Urgence Naturel : Brulure, Coup De Soleil
Appliquer l'hydrolat sur les zones affectées par un coup de soleil peut aider à apaiser la douleur et à réduire l'inflammation.
Radiance Dermatologique : Acné, Bouton
Utiliser l'hydrolat de Bleuet comme tonique facial peut aider à réguler la production de sébum et apaiser l'acné grâce à ses propriétés astringentes et apaisantes.
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