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Book Cuisiner aux hydrolats

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Discover our Book Cuisiner aux hydrolats

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of hydrosols with the book "Cooking with hydrosols"! Whether you are an amateur cook or a professional, this book offers you a unique opportunity to explore new aromatic dimensions in cooking while enjoying the health benefits that hydrosols have to offer.

The hydrosols, also called floral waters, are products derived from the distillation of aromatic plants. They not only capture the subtle aromas of plants, but also their therapeutic properties. This book invites you to discover the aromatic universe of 23 different hydrosols, each with its own personality and its unique charm. From fresh mint with bewitching cinnamon, passing through spicy wild carrot and soft lemon balm, you will have the opportunity to explore a whole range of flavors that will add a special touch to your dishes.

One of the large characteristics of hydrosols is their ease of use in the kitchen. They can be used as an alternative to spices, herbs and even ordinary water to bring an aromatic dimension to your recipes. The book guides you through 35 delicious recipes, all designed to enhance the unique hydrosols and aromas. Whether you want to prepare sweet or savory dishes, refreshing drinks or gourmet desserts, the possibilities are endless.

The use of hydrosols in the kitchen is not only limited to flavor. They can also bring a health dimension to your meals. Indeed, each hydrosol has its own properties beneficial for health, whether it is to stimulate digestion, to calm nerves, or to bring natural antioxidants. By choosing the appropriate hydrosols for your recipes, you can create dishes that feed your body not only, but also your mind.

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