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Recharge Keylia Power

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Discover our Recharge Keylia Power

Discover the Keylia Power recharge, the essential accessory for your Keylia Power diffuser which will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. This recharge includes the tank, the wick and a funnel, thus offering a complete solution to maintain your diffuser in perfect working order. In this description, we will explore in detail each component of this recharge and its crucial role in the harmonious broadcast of your favorite essential oils.

The tank is the heart of your Keylia Power diffuser. It serves as a receptacle for essential oils or the hydrosols that you choose to distribute. Made with high quality materials, the tank is designed to withstand the interaction with essential oils, thus guaranteeing prolonged and durable use. Its ergonomic design facilitates filling and its hermetic closing system ensures a dissemination without leakage, thus preserving the quality of your essential oils.

The wick plays an essential role in the diffusion process. It is specially designed to adapt perfectly to the tank of your Keylia Power diffuser. The wick ensures effective absorption of essential oils or hydrosols, thus allowing a progressive and homogeneous evaporation of these precious liquids. This guarantees a constant diffusion of aromas in your environment, thus creating a soothing and revitalizing olfactory atmosphere.

The funnel included in the Keylia Power recharge facilitates the filling of the tank without spill or waste. It allows you to easily pour your favorite essential oils or hydrosols into the tank, thus ensuring clean and practical handling.

The use of Keylia Power recharge is simple and practical. You can customize your aromatic experience by choosing essential oils or hydrosols that match your needs and preferences. You just need to fill the tank with your choice of aromas, insert the wick and leave your diffuser Keylia Power Do the rest.

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