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Essential Oils

All our essential oils and essences are suitable for food use, 100% from organic production; they are 100% pure, integral, chemotyped and botanically defined. The artisanal nature of our distillations allows us to obtain very high quality essential oils, with preserved properties. In addition, regarding our selections, our small structure allows us to select our suppliers by seeking out these rare artisanal qualities produced in limited quantities, and thus always guarantee you the best quality.

For our entire range we seek perfect traceability. We have given up selling oils for which the preservation of natural resources does not seem to us to be permanently guaranteed (Sandalwood, Rosewood, etc.). The effectiveness of essential oils comes from their power; they therefore require basic precautions for use. If you are not initiated, it is therefore recommended to follow the advice of specialists and rely on reference works. With particular attention to sensitive subjects, pregnant women or children under 6 years old for whom we recommend hydrosols, which are less concentrated. Also, favoring quality always remains the best way to guarantee effectiveness with fewer drops consumed and therefore better safety.

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