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Jouvence Facial Routine

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Discover our Jouvence Facial Routine

Discover the routine facial of Essenciagua, a synergy of essential and vegetable oils designed to nourish and revitalize your skin. This kit includes a fast face oil (30 ml), rich in essential oils of rose, cistus and fine lavender, and anti -eedat water (250 ml), a mixture of delicately selected hydrosols.

For optimal use, start your routine morning and evening with a soft cleaning with a wipe soaked in antédat water. Then apply an oil pressure on the face on the face and gently massage for complete absorption. This routine can be used before your usual day cream or replacing a complete treatment.

The vegetable oils of Jojoba, Macadamia, apricot core and borage, present in the oil-like face oil, bring hydration, elasticity and an anti-aging action to your skin. This routine offers a rejuvenating facial experience, leaving the skin soft, hydrated and visibly younger.

Agriculture biologique Bio Certification

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Blend of aromatic hydrosols Eau d'antiedat

Blend of aromatic hydrosols Eau d'antiedat

Antiedat water is a precious mixture of 100% organic aromatic hydrosols, composed of pink, cistus and fine lavender. This product, not pasteurized and free from preservatives or alcohol, is a concentrate of natural benefits.

Damascus rose hydrosol, a central element of this mixture, is renowned for its regenerating and invigorating properties. It firms mature skin, soothes irritation and gives a bright and radiant complexion. This component, used for centuries in cosmetics, continues to be appreciated for its beneficial effects on the skin.

Ciste hydrosol from Andalusia is particularly effective for healing and care of mature skin. Its restorative virtues make it an excellent choice for post-vasting treatment, bringing soothing and comfort to the skin.

Finally, the fine lavender hydrosol of the Causses completes this synergy with its calming properties. Known for its positive effects on sleep and healing of wounds, fine lavender is a must of aromatherapy and natural care.

This unique mixture of hydrosols offers a holistic solution for the care of the skin and the general well-being. It can be used in diffusion for a relaxing atmosphere, or applied to the skin for its soothing and regenerating effects. Perfect for those looking to incorporate natural and organic products into their care routine

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Huile visage Jouvence

Huile visage Jouvence

Esseciagua's Jouvence Face oil, certified 'Biogarantie', is a refined synergy of organic essential oils and vegetable oils, specially formulated for normal and mature skin. Composed of organic essential oils, fine and pink lavender, this oil offers regenerative and soothing properties, adapted to the needs of demanding skin.

Organic vegetable oils from Macadamia, Jojoba, Borage and apricot kernel enrich this composition, bringing hydration, nutrition and elasticity to the skin. This oil is a real youth elixir, revitalizing and softening the skin, while promoting a luminous and unified complexion.

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💧Winter routine with our Jouvence and Eau d’Antiédat hydrosol blend

👉🏻Apply the hydrosol blend with a cleansing pad- washable Eucalyptus base type selected in our store - or spray directly on the face previously removed and cleansed. 👉🏻Pour 1 squeeze of facial oil onto your fingertips onto the moistened skin to heat it slightly, massage gently onto your face....

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