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Bouchon pipette compte-goutte 20ml

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Discover our Bouchon pipette compte-goutte 20ml

Discover the 20ml droppin pipette plug, an essential accessory to facilitate the handling of your essential oils and hydrosols. At Essenciagua, we are committed to providing high quality products to help you make the most of your aromatherapy experience. In this description, we will explore in detail the advantages of this drop-down pipette plug and how it can improve your use of your 20ml bottles.

The 20ml dropper pipette plug was specially designed to adapt perfectly to our 20ml bottles. Its adaptability guarantees a precise adjustment, thus eliminating the risks of leaks or spills. You will be able to handle your essential oils and hydrosols with confidence, preserving their purity and their effectiveness.

One of the main advantages of this cap is its precision. The integrated dropper allows you to precisely measure the number of drops you want to extract from your 20ml bottle. This is particularly useful when you follow specific recipes or need a specific amount of liquid for your preparations. This precision saves you your precious resources while maximizing the benefits of your aromatic products.

In addition, the drop-down pipette cap facilitates the application of essential oils and hydrosols. It allows you to place the drops exactly where you want, whether on your skin, in a diffuser, in a bath, or in other applications. This ease of use contributes to making aromatherapy more accessible and pleasant.

The manufacturing quality of this cap is a guarantee of sustainability. Made with high quality materials, it is designed to withstand the interaction with essential oils and hydrosols, thus preserving its long -term efficiency. You can use it with confidence, knowing that your drop-in-drop plug will last.

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