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Ylang Ylang Complete

The plant

Ylang Ylang Complete
Latin: Cananga Odorata

Plant part: Flower

Origin: France

Ylang-ylang is a tree from Asia, characteristic of the islands of the Indian Ocean, styling with beautiful large yellow flowers. Meaning "flowers of flowers", ylang-ylang was mainly used in antiquity for its benefits on the skin. Today, its essential oil is particularly appreciated for eating, and promotes positivity as well as good humor! It gives off a tenacious, exotic, floral aroma, of great interest in perfumery. The Ylang-Ylang hydrosol will be mainly appreciated for its very aromatic side and in the case of dull hair, lacking shine, or attacked by too limestone water.

What are the benefits of Ylang Ylang complete

Complete ylang-ylang from Madagascar is a plant with many health benefits. It is known to help restore balance to the central nervous system, thus promoting relaxation and zenitude. Thanks to its soothing properties, it is also recommended to combat hypertension and stress-related disorders. By inhaling its captivating scent, you immediately feel a sense of calm and well-being, allowing you to relax and reconnect with yourself. This precious plant is therefore an ally of choice for finding inner harmony and improving the quality of daily life.

More about Ylang Ylang Complete

The Products

Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Complete

Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Complete

Discover Ylang Ylang Essenciagua Ylang Ylang essential oil, an organic organic and equitable product. Recognized for its aphrodisiac virtues, this 100% pure oil offers a rich and exotic sensory experience. It acts effectively on nervousness, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation. Its intense and attractive floral aroma in fact makes a privileged choice for moments of relaxation and well-being.

This essential oil is also an ally for skin and hair health. It helps regulate sebum production, promoting balanced skin and healthy hair. Its moisturizing and nourishing properties make it ideal for skin care and dry or damaged hair.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, the complete Ylang Ylang essential oil is also used for its positive effect on mood. It stimulates the feeling of joy and well-being, helping to remove feelings of sadness or depression.

Ylang Ylang's Essenciagua's essential oil is a perfect choice for those who seek to integrate the benefits of nature in their daily lives. Each bottle captures the pure and natural essence of the Ylang Ylang flower, bringing you a concentrate of well-being and sensuality.

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Hydrolat Ylang Ylang Complete

Hydrolat Ylang Ylang Complete

The Complete Ylang Ylang Hydrosol of Essenciagua is a product with multiple facets, known for its beneficial properties on the skin and the mind. This hydrosol is recognized for its effectiveness as a sexual, stimulating and harmonizing tonic. It provides natural support in case of stress and nervous tension, helping to restore emotional balance and promote a feeling of well-being.

Rich in beneficial components for the skin, this hydrosol soothes irritation and contributes to skin health. It is particularly suitable for dry or irritated skin, offering a hydrating and regenerating effect. Its exotic and floral aroma is a delight for the senses, creating a soothing and luxurious atmosphere.

The Complete Ylang Ylang Hydrosol of Essenciagua is an ideal choice for those looking for a natural, versatile and beneficial product for body and mind. Its regular use is a sensory journey, bringing a touch of exoticism and balance in your care routine.

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