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Ylang Ylang Extra

The plant

Ylang Ylang Extra
Latin: Cananga Odorata

Plant part: Flower

Origin: France

Ylang Ylang Extra essential oil corresponds to the fraction obtained at the start of distillation, very qualitative and fragrant. Ylang-ylang is a tree from Asia, characteristic of the islands of the Indian Ocean, styling with beautiful large yellow flowers. Meaning "flowers of flowers", ylang-ylang was mainly used in antiquity for its benefits on the skin. Today, its essential oil is particularly appreciated for eating, and promotes positivity as well as good humor! It gives off a tenacious, exotic, floral aroma, of great interest in perfumery.

What are the benefits of Ylang ylang extra

The ylang-ylang-extra plant is recognized for its many health benefits, particularly for people suffering from hypertension and stress. Indeed, its calming properties help lower blood pressure and reduce stress-related symptoms such as anxiety and nervousness. By inhaling its delicate scent, this exotic plant promotes relaxation and mental well-being, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve quality of life. Used in aromatherapy or essential oil, ylang-ylang-extra is a true ally for finding calm and serenity on a daily basis.

The Products

Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Extra

Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Extra

The Extra Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang oil is a real treasure of nature, offering an exotic and bewitching perfume that balances emotions and sublimates beauty. This aromatic essence, extracted from the Canada Odorata flower, is recognized for its soothing and harmonizing properties, bringing a real sensory journey to those who use it.

Its deeply floral and sweet aroma makes it a popular choice in perfumery and aromatherapy. Ylang Ylang Extra essential oil is particularly appreciated for its positive mood effects, helping to manage stress and anxiety. It is often used to relax the mind and promote a feeling of well-being and serenity.

On the dermatological level, the extra ylang ylang is beneficial for the skin and hair. Its moisturizing components make it excellent to nourish and revitalize dry skin and hair. Its regenerating properties also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making it a precious ingredient in anti-aging care.

In massage, Ylang Ylang Extra essential oil helps relieve physical fatigue, bringing a feeling of well-being thanks to its bewitching perfume. It is also effective in promoting restorative sleep, used in dissemination or applied in massage (diluted), and can help relieve anxiety and promote a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Opt for the essential oil Ylang Ylang Extra from Essenciagua is choosing a superior product, ideal for enriching your wellness routine with its multiple benefits for the mind, body and skin.

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