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The plant

Latin: Occimum Basilicum

Plant part: Bark

Origin: France

The “pistou” of Provencals is a plant native to India acclimatized in Europe since the most remote times. This perennial herbaceous, which can reach 50 cm high, is generally cultivated as aromat for salads, soups and meats around the Mediterranean and in most temperate regions of the globe. As in antiquity, modern medicine recognizes the basil an action on the digestive disorders of nervous people. The plant, which is preferable to use fresh, is also sedative. It was once prescribed in the treatment of hysteria. The crumpled fresh leaves would also calm the skin irritation.

What are the benefits of tall green basil

Green basil is a plant with multiple benefits for digestive health. With its soothing properties, it can help relieve symptoms of difficult digestion, such as bloating and gas. In addition, its ability to reduce inflammation makes it a valuable ally in the treatment of gastric reflux and heartburn. Basil can also help relieve intestinal spasms, promoting smoother digestion and reducing abdominal discomfort. By incorporating this plant into your diet, you can take advantage of all its benefits to improve your digestive health.

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The Products

Hydrolat Basil

Hydrolat Basil

The Grand Green Basil Hydrosol of Essenciagua, certified in organic farming, is an exceptional product with multiple benefits. Originally from Egypt, basil (Ocimum Basilicum) is a perennial herbaceous plant, historically used for its effects on digestive and nervous disorders. This hydrosol is obtained by the distillation of the basil leaves, thus offering a pure and concentrated essence.

Its antispasmodic and soothing properties make it a precious ally against stress and anxiety. Used in vaporization or inhalation, it contributes to creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, thus promoting restorative sleep. It is also an excellent choice to fight intellectual fatigue and overwork by stimulating and refreshing the mind.

In addition, the high green basil hydrosol has antiseptic and calming virtues. It is effective in soothing dental pain when used in mouthwashes and can also relieve migraines in local application. Its ability to calm the stomach makes it useful against nausea and intestinal spasms, thus facilitating digestion.

This versatile hydrosol can be integrated into a drink or used as a compress, thus offering a natural and organic solution for various everyday ills.

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Essential Oil Basil

Essential Oil Basil

The essential oil of large green basil from Esseciagua, from Ocimum basilicum and 100% pure, is a product with multiple virtues, in particular for digestion and intestinal spasms. This essential oil, guaranteed of complete traceability and organic certified, is a precious addition to any aromatherapy kit.

Known for its digestive properties, large green basil oil is effective in relieving various digestive disorders, such as intestinal spasms, bloating and nausea. It promotes healthy digestion and can be used in abdominal massage or dissemination to benefit from its soothing effects.

In addition to its profits on the digestive system, this essential oil has relaxing and calming properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Its fresh and spicy fragrance is ideal for use in aromatherapy, promoting relaxation and mental well-being.

The essential oil of large green basil from Esseciagua can also be used for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful in the treatment of small cuts, insect bites, and can help relieve muscle and joint pain.

Choosing this essential oil is opting for a quality product, respectful of the environment and your health. It is perfectly suited for those looking for natural and effective remedies to improve their daily well-being.

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Basil Discover the distillation Basil Discover the distillation Basil Discover the distillation Basil Discover the distillation Basil



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