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Unknown uses of hydrosols

Unknown uses of hydrosols

little -known uses of hydrosols 🌸💧

🌼 Hydrols are the aqueous extracts resulting from the process of distillation of aromatic plants. The distillate thus arrives from serpentin to the Florentine vase to go and separate by difference from density into a hydrosol - another called floral water - and an essential oil often lighter. Rich in water-soluble aromatic compounds of the plant like those of soft alcohols, the hydrosols derive many uses and virtues for health and well-being.

💡🌿 How to integrate them into your daily life?
✨ In the kitchen: with exquisite flavors, hydrosols can advantageously flavor drinks, but also enhance your culinary preparations, both sweet and salty, warm or cold.

🌺 In cosmetics: very soft, they are perfectly suited to lotion care for skin and hair. They can also be used alone or combined with other ingredients including with an essential oil - by agitation before use - to prepare your own cosmetics.

🌬️ in spray and mist: to clean up and deodorize spaces effectively, and keep insects away.

🛁 In the bath: perfectly water -soluble, hydrosols can be used in a treating or relaxing bath. They can also be appreciated in a foot bath.

🌿 In health care / phytotherapy with very many virtues - anti -inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing, digestive, draining, etc., hydrosols are essential allies for natural health (hydrosrapy).

👥 For whom?
A priori everyone, be it a person in shape, sensitive, old or even children or pregnant women. And animals included! Everyone can benefit from their virtues, while adapting their use to their specific needs.



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