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Bergamot from Calabria

The plant

Bergamot from Calabria
Latin: Citrus Bergamia

Plant part: Zest

Origin: Italy

Small tree 3 to 4 m high, bergamotier is cultivated mainly in West Africa, Italy and Spain. Its fruit, from which zest is extracted, was widely used in Italian popular medicine, its name from Bergamo, where it was used to fight fevers. Its perfume is part of the composition of Cologne water, and is its taste in Earl Gray tea.

What are the benefits of Calabrian Bergamot?

Calabrian bergamot is a plant with many health benefits, particularly for promoting relaxation and zenitude. Its delicate fragrance acts directly on our nervous system, soothing tension and helping to combat stress. By inhaling its essential oil or infusing its leaves, you can quickly feel a feeling of calm and serenity. Thanks to its relaxing properties, Calabrian bergamot is a precious ally for regaining emotional and mental balance, thus making it possible to better manage stressful situations on a daily basis.

The Products

Essential Oil Bergamot from Calabria

Essential Oil Bergamot from Calabria

The essential oil of Bergamot of Calabria of Essenciagua is a real jewel of aromatherapy, certified organic and produced with care in France. Extracted from the zest of Citrus Bergamia, a small tree cultivated mainly in Italy, especially in Calabria, this essential oil is renowned for its fresh and sunny fragrance.

Its delicate and slightly tart fragrance, with floral and spicy nuances, is not only pleasant but also therapeutic. Bergamot essential oil is widely used to fight stress and promote sleep, thanks to its calming and relaxing properties.

It also has a positive effect on mood and can be beneficial for those who undergo an emotional shock. Its soothing properties on the nervous system help to soothe feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, bergamot is effective against acne when applied locally (always diluted). It also helps regulate sebum production, making skin and hair less oily.

In topical diffusion or application (diluted), it promotes relaxation and can improve the quality of sleep. Its refreshing and soothing perfume makes it an ideal choice for meditation and deep relaxation practices.

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