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Cedar from Atlas

The plant

Cedar from Atlas
Latin: Cedrus Atlantica

Plant part: Branch

Origin: France

This tree from the mountains of Morocco and Algeria is often quoted as immortal because they are rot -proof thanks to the presence of insectifuge and fungicid aromatic molecules which protect it. Wood, easy to work, was used for naval constructions, temples and palaces. Cedar would toned the body and would be recommended during the natural defenses are particularly in demand.

What are the benefits of Atlas Cedar

Atlas cedar is a plant with multiple health benefits. Indeed, this plant is known for its beneficial effects on hair loss. By applying Atlas cedar essential oil to the scalp, blood circulation is stimulated and hair growth is promoted. In addition, this plant is also effective in regulating skin problems and oily hair. Thanks to its astringent properties, Atlas cedar helps reduce excess sebum and purify the skin and scalp. Finally, Atlas cedar is recognized for its expectorant properties, which makes it an effective natural remedy for relieving coughs and respiratory problems.

More about Cedar from Atlas

The Products

Essential Oil Cedar from Atlas

Essential Oil Cedar from Atlas

Discover the essential oil cedar from the Esseciagua Atlas, a precious and versatile essence that embodies the power of nature in a small bottle. This essential oil is meticulously extracted from needles and wood from the majestic Atlas cedar (Cedrus Atlantica), which grows in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. It is renowned for its revitalizing and soothing properties, making an essential element for relaxation and aromatherapy.

The first thing that distinguishes our Atlas cedar essential oil is its unequaled purity. We are committed to providing products of exceptional quality, and this oil is no exception. It is extracted by steam distillation from the parts of the tree, a process which guarantees that no chemical harmful is in its composition. You can use it with confidence, knowing that you are fully enjoying its natural benefits.

The aroma of the Atlas cedar essential oil is captivating. Its wooded, warm and earthy fragrance evokes the serenity of cedar forests. This bewitching aroma is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere at home. You can add it to a diffuser to transform any space into a relaxation sanctuary.

On the physical level, this essential oil offers a variety of beneficial applications. It can be used to soothe tired muscles, relieve joint pain and promote better blood circulation. In addition, it is renowned for its effectiveness in the fight against cellulite and water retention, helping to tone the skin.

In terms of aromatherapy, Atlas cedar essential oil is an excellent choice to reduce stress, calm the mind and promote peaceful sleep. You can incorporate it into your relaxation routine by adding it to a hot bath, a relaxing massage, or simply by diffusing it in your living space.

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Hydrolat Cedar from Atlas

Hydrolat Cedar from Atlas

Discover the cedar hydrosol of the Esseciagua Atlas, a natural product ideal for tone and refresh the skin. Coming from the meticulous distillation of the cedar needles and branches, this hydrosol captures the pure essence of the Atlas cedar, offering an authentic treatment for all skin types. Its wooded and earthy perfume invites serenity, harmoniously integrating well-being and care routine.

This natural product is without artificial additives, reflecting Essenciagua's commitment to quality and authenticity. Perfect for daily use, it revitalizes the skin in the morning and soothes it in the evening. It can also be used as a basis for your homemade cosmetic preparations, adding a touch of nature to your beauty.

By choosing the Atlas cedar hydrosol, you opt for a pure, efficient, and environmentally friendly treatment. It is a step towards conscious and respectful beauty, celebrating simplicity and authenticity offered by nature.

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Cedar from Atlas Discover the distillation Cedar from Atlas Discover the distillation Cedar from Atlas Discover the distillation Cedar from Atlas



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