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Atlas cedar (Bark)

The plant

Atlas cedar (Bark)
Latin: Cedrus Atlantica

Plant part: Bark

Origin: France

This tree from the mountains of Morocco and Algeria is often quoted as immortal because they are rot -proof thanks to the presence of insectifuge and fungicid aromatic molecules which protect it. Wood, easy to work, was used for naval constructions, temples and palaces. Cedar would toned the body and would be recommended during the natural defenses are particularly in demand.

What are the benefits of Atlas Cedar (Bark)

Atlas cedar wood has many health benefits, particularly for fighting cellulite. Indeed, its diuretic and detoxifying properties help eliminate the toxins responsible for the formation of cellulite. Additionally, Atlas cedar wood is also beneficial for skin and hair. It has purifying properties which help regulate sebum production and reduce oily skin. In addition, its antiseptic and healing properties make it an ideal ally for treating skin problems such as acne or irritation. When it comes to hair, Atlas cedar wood helps strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss. Its woody fragrance also makes it a popular ingredient in care products to bring shine and vitality to hair.

The Products

Essential Oil Atlas cedar (Bark)

Essential Oil Atlas cedar (Bark)

Atlas cedar essential oil (bark) 20ml, produced with care and according to rigorous standards, is a real ally for your well-being. This artisanal essential oil is extracted from the bark of the Atlas cedar, a majestic tree that grows in the mountainous regions of Morocco. It is certified organic farming, which guarantees its purity and natural origin.

The Atlas cedar has long been recognized for its beneficial properties, and this essential oil in captures all the benefits. It is particularly popular for its action on specific health problems such as cellulite, water retention and heavy legs. Its regular use can help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, thus reducing the sensations of swelling and discomfort.

The application of this essential oil on the skin, diluted in a vegetable support oil, allows effective absorption by tissues. It can be massaged on the areas concerned, thus promoting detoxification and drainage of the body. Its wooded and earthy aroma offers a soothing olfactory experience, helping to relax the mind while offering physical benefits.

Commitment to organic farming guarantees that this essential oil is free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides or other unwanted contaminants. This means that you can use it with confidence, knowing that you benefit from the purity of nature.

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