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Fight heavy legs

In most cases, the feeling of heavy legs is linked to venous insufficiency, the veins of the legs not bringing blood into the heart enough. To remedy this mainly mechanical problem, you can raise your legs, make a massage or a little walk to stimulate traffic.

In addition, Aroma brings many solutions to this kind of problem. The pistachio is the venous and lymphatic decongestant par excellence, acclaimed in venous circulation problems (also varicose veins and hemorrhoids).

Hamélis is a renowned vasoconstrictor, which also protects the walls of the veins. The cold is well known for stimulating blood circulation, which peppermint does, by its ice effect.

** Treatment ** When you have heavy legs, take a small pump bottle of 60 ml in which you mix 20 ml of pistachier lentisque hydrosol, 10 ml of Hamamelis hydrosol and 5 drops of HE of mint peppery. Shake the bottle and spray the mixture on the legs. The feeling of freshness and lightness is almost immediate. As this mixture is aqueous, it can be used in any circumstance.

** Prevention ** In prevention, make a Lentisque hydrosol cure 2 weeks before the start of your event. Mix 3 tablespoons of Lentisque hydrosol in a bottle of 1 liter water and drink during the day.

** Foot baths ** The foot baths are very effective and pleasant. In the evening, if you need it, prepare a lukewarm water bowl to which you add the equivalent of a small glass of Lentisque hydrosol, a small glass of peppermint hydrosol and immerse your feet for About ten minutes.

A circulatory problem in general (such as heavy or swollen legs at the end of the day) can be consecutive to a slightly lazy liver it can easily be stimulated a little by an internal cure of 3 weeks of Livèche hydrosol, at the rate of 3 tablespoons per day in water

The use over several weeks of this mixture has no danger. Peppermint essential oil should be replaced by hydrosol during pregnancy. If these heavy or swollen leg phenomena persist, a medical consultation is essential.

The Products

Hydrolat Witch Hazel

Hydrolat Witch Hazel

Discover the exceptional virtues of Hamamelis hydrosol of Essenciagua, distilled in France and certified organic. Renowned for its astringent and invigorating properties, this hydrosol is ideal for people with heavy legs and circulatory problems. It brings natural relief, improving blood circulation and reducing the feeling of heaviness.

Hamélis hydrosol is also appreciated for its soothing qualities on the skin. It is effective against redness, irritation, and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Used as a deodorant, it offers a soft and natural solution to regulate perspiration, without the drawbacks of aggressive chemicals.

In addition, this hydrosol is an excellent tonic for the skin, helping to tighten pores and clarify the complexion. It is also beneficial to appease tired or irritated eyes, offering a moment of relaxation and well-being.

By integrating the Hamamelis hydrosol of Essenciagua into your care routine, you choose a natural product, developed with the greatest care, which combines the therapeutic benefits of Hamélis with sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

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Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essenciagua peppermint essential oil is an exceptional product, offering complete traceability and biological certification. Presented in a 20ml bottle, this oil is recognized for its effectiveness against nausea and transport evil, offering natural and fast relief.

The properties of peppermint do not stop there; It is also appreciated for its beneficial action on digestion and its refreshing effect. Its penetrating and invigorating aroma actually makes an excellent choice to revitalize the mind and clarify ideas.

By choosing the peppermint essential oil from Essenciagua, you opt for a higher quality product, elaborated with respect for the environment and biological standards.

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Hydrolat Lentisque pistachier

Hydrolat Lentisque pistachier

The hydrosol Lentisque Pistachier d'Essociagua, extract from the Lentisque pistachio, a Mediterranean shrub, is a rich and soothing natural product. This unique hydrosol, known for its refreshing essence, revitalizes the skin and the mind, offering an exceptional natural care experience.

Originally from France, the Pistachio Lentisque is a persistent shrub, cultivated in arid regions around the Mediterranean. It is also known as the sealant tree due to the aromatic gum extracted from its trunk, used in confectionery and in the manufacture of liqueurs.

The purifying and soothing properties of this hydrosol make it an excellent choice as a facial tonic, particularly effective in reducing acne and pimples. Its ability to hydrate and revitalize the skin and dry hair makes it a precious ally for dermatological care. In addition, it can be used to alleviate redness and inflammation linked to rosacea and rosacea, thus improving the appearance of scars and promoting healing of the skin.

In addition to its dermatological benefits, Lentisque Pistachier hydrosol offers structural support, helping to reduce inflammation and pain associated with hemorrhoids, thanks to its decongestant and soothing effects. It is also useful in the relief of varicose vein symptoms thanks to its vasoconstrictive and invigorating properties.

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Hydrolat Pepper mint

Hydrolat Pepper mint

The peppermint hydrosol of Esseciagua, a biological and artisanal product, is a refreshing essence, distilled in France from Mentha Piperita. This plant, very widespread in Europe and Asia, is famous for its refreshing qualities and its penetrating fragrance.

This hydrosol brings an immediate feeling of freshness and vitality. Used as a facial fogger, it tones the skin and provides a feeling of instant freshness, particularly appreciable during hot summer days or after exercise.

In terms of digestive health, peppermint hydrosol is an ally of choice. It helps relieve nausea and facilitates difficult digestions thanks to its soothing and carminative properties. In drink, a light infusion can help soothe stomach and stimulate digestion.

In addition, this hydrosol can be used to alleviate headaches and migraines by applying a compress soaked on the forehead or temples. Its refreshing and soothing properties help quickly relieve pain.

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