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Fight against all dry

The cough is due to irritation of the mucous membranes of the throat or the bronchi. The causes can be multiple (dry air, allergy, dust), but cough is often heating up for cooling. In this case, the dry cough frequently becomes fat (productive) or hoarse. A mainly nocturnal cough can be a sign of an allergy or a gastric reflux. The giant fir hydrosol, by its composition at more than 80 % in alpha-terpinéol, bounded and bornyle acetate, is a very good antiseptic and respiratory decongestion, particularly suitable in case of cough (dry and fat), cold, cold, cold bronchitis. Its spasmolytic, calming and anti-inflammatory properties are also interesting in case of cough, whether irritation or viral.

As soon as you feel colds and start to cough, take giant fir hydrosol. Often and in all its forms!

** Internal ** Take a tablespoon of giant fir hydrosol in a glass of lukewarm water, every 2 hours

** DIFFUSION ** DISTRUST, at least for 3 hours during the day, in combination or alternating with the hydrosol of Douglas and Thym in Thujanol (fill the tank of the diffuser with the hydrosol)

** External ** To combine the effects, put the equivalent of a teaspoon of giant fir hydrosol in the hollow of your hand and apply it on the chest and on the throat

** Gargarisms ** In addition, when the throat scratches you and makes you cough, make gargling with the noble laurel hydrosol. Take the equivalent of a large tablespoon of pure hydrosol, 3 or 4 times a day, and I do not forget to spit!

** Remedy of grandmother ** Take a grog for cough. Put honey and rum in warm milk adding a tablespoon of giant fir hydrosol and a tablespoon of Thym in Thujanol, for an aromatic grog. In case of allergic cough, the giant fir will be suitable for its anti -inflammatory, calming and spasmolytic properties

The proposed protocol refers to the conventional modes of use of a biological and food hydrosol. It therefore does not present a contraindication. The giant fir hydrosol is very soft and can also be used in small children from 1 year. Internally, the tablespoons are in this case to be replaced by teaspoons (before 1 year, we will limit ourselves to diffusion and pectoral massage).

The Products

Hydrolat Giant fir

Hydrolat Giant fir

The giant fir hydrosol of Esseciagua, certified organic, is a natural elixir distilled from pure source water. This product captures the essence of the majestic giant tree, offering unrivaled benefits for the airways. Used to clear the bronchi, it facilitates deep and easy breathing, which makes it particularly useful during cold months or for individuals faced with chronic respiratory problems.

It is not only a natural remedy for respiratory health; The giant fir hydrosol is also an excellent tonic for the skin. It has purifying and refreshing properties, ideal for tired or stressed skin. In addition, its wooded and earthy aroma creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, perfect for moments of relaxation or meditation.

Incorporate this hydrosol into your skin care routine to benefit from its toning and revitalizing effects. It can also be used as a natural mood to purify the air of your home, thus bringing a touch of forest freshness to your daily environment.

The giant fir hydrosol of Essenciagua represents harmony between tradition and modernity. Each use is a sensory experience, a trip to wild and serene nature. By choosing this hydrosol, you opt for a higher quality product, drawn up in compliance with the environment and sustainable production standards.

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Hydrolat Noble laurel

Hydrolat Noble laurel

Discover the noble laurel hydrosol of EssentiCIAGUA, a refined and versatile essence, handcrafted from pure source water from Lozère and organic certified. This food quality hydrosol is ideal for enriching your culinary creations with its subtle aromatic notes.

The noble laurel, scientifically known as Laurus Nobilis, is famous for its purifying and soothing properties. Used in skin care, it helps to clarify and tone, making hydrosol particularly beneficial for skin with acne or irritated tendency. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice for oral care and gargarism.

Add the noble bay hydrosol in your skin care routine or use it as a tonic for its refreshing and revitalizing effects. It can also be used to flavor bath water, offering a luxurious and relaxing spa experience at home.

By choosing the noble laurel hydrosol of Essenciagua, you opt for a natural product, developed with the greatest care, which combines the therapeutic benefits of the laurel to sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

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Hydrolat Douglas

Hydrolat Douglas

The Douglas Hydrosol of Essentials, distilled with artisanal expertise, is a treasure of health and well-being benefits. Coming from pseudotsuga, a small tree 10 to 15 meters high from France, this hydrosol is renowned for its fungicide and purifying properties. Its distillation requires a precise technique to preserve its effective action on the airways.

Used in inhalation, Douglas hydrosol can help calm cough thanks to its expectorant properties, and is effective in strengthening the immune system thanks to its antiseptic properties. It is also useful for relieving symptoms of bronchitis and reducing nasal congestion associated with sinusitis, thanks to its antiseptic and decongestant properties.

In local application, this hydrosol can be used to relieve pain-related pain, osteoarthritis, and rheumatism thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its use in vaporization or drink can also give an energetic boost and help reduce physical fatigue thanks to its toning properties. Finally, in vaporization in the environment, the Douglas hydrosol can help create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to meditation, thanks to its wooded and soothing perfume

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Hydrolat Thym Thujanol Sauvage

Hydrolat Thym Thujanol Sauvage

Thym thym hydrosol of Essenciagua, with its biological certification, is a natural essence with multiple virtues. Recognized for its disinfectant and invigorating properties, this hydrosol is particularly effective against angina and various winter conditions, acting as an effective immune stimulant.

Used regularly, Thym Thujanol hydrosol helps strengthen the body's natural defenses, thus offering additional protection during periods of vulnerability to infections. It is also an excellent choice for those who seek to maintain good respiratory health, helping to clear the respiratory tract and soothe throat irritation.

Beyond its respiratory benefits, this hydrosol is a precious ally for skin care. Its antiseptic and purifying properties make it an excellent choice to cleanse and regenerate the skin, especially for problems with problems or subject to imperfections.

By choosing the Thym Thujanol hydrosol of Essenciagua, you opt for a natural product, developed with care and respect for the environment. This hydrosol is ideal for those who favor natural care and wish to integrate the benefits of thyme thujanol in their daily wellness routine.

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