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Fight against cold feet and hands (Reunaud's disease

When it is cold, the body sets out certain mechanisms to best preserve its heat. One of them is the constriction of the small blood vessels of the extremities, which will tighten. In the case of Raynaud's disease, this mechanism is excessive, so that the small vessels contract too much and too suddenly in the event of exposure to the cold, causing a blood circulation disorder in the extremities. Italian Helichrysus is well known for its circulatory properties. It acts as an activator of arterial and lymphatic circulation and peripheral blood microcirculation, deficient in Raynaud's disease. Rosemary and Livèche are two plants with hepatic detoxifying properties. The liver, the central organ of the blood circulation, must have optimal operation for good circulation.

Solution based on hydrosolis cures starting to start or in mid-November, when the cold is installed. Throughout this period, prepare a 1.5 -liter carafe of water every morning with 3 tablespoons of immortal hydrosol (Helichrysus) that you drink during the morning.

Complete this daily routine, which will last until spring, with a second hydrosol. For two weeks, drink water flavored with rosemary hydrosol in the afternoon, and during the following two weeks of water flavored with Livèche hydrosol, still at the rate of 3 spoons to hydrosol soup diluted in your carafe of water. If you do not drink much, you can dilute the two hydrosols (Helichrysus and Livèche or Helichryse and Rosemarin) in the same carafe of water without problem.

Raynaud's disease, embarrassing but without gravity, most often appears in adolescence and in women the cause is unknown on the other hand, Raynaud syndrome is generally manifested later and is secondary to another cause or pathology (this May be taking a medication, an autoimmune disease, an arteries' disease, taking certain drugs) in this case, a consultation in a rheumatologist or a specialist in the arteries is essential. The proposed protocol does not imply any particular contraindication, even over an prolonged period, because it is a classic food use.

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Hydrolat Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Hydrolat Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Discover the rosemary hydrosol of the Pays d'Oc d'Essociagua, a biological product with multiple virtues. Coming from Rosmarinus officinalis, a plant native to France, this hydrosol benefits from an artisanal distillation which preserves its active ingredients.

Rosemary hydrosol is recognized for its stimulating properties on the blood circulation of the scalp, as well as for its repellent effects against lice. It can be used in addition to anti-poux treatments to strengthen their efficiency.

In dermatological care, rosemary hydrosol is effective against acne and oily skins, thanks to its purifying and antiseptic properties. It regulates sebum production and reduces the fatty appearance of the skin and hair.

Essenciagua's rosemary hydrosol is also an excellent tonic to fight physical fatigue. It can be used in vaporization or drink for its invigorating and energizing properties. In addition, its use helps reduce stress and anxiety, thanks to its relaxing properties.

In terms of digestive benefits, drink a glass of water enriched with a few drops of this hydrosol facilitates digestion thanks to its digestive and carminative properties. It is also beneficial to stimulate hair growth and reduce it, as well as to regulate excessive sweating.

By opting for the rosemary hydrosol of the Pays d'Oc Essenciagua, you choose a natural, artisanal and environmentally friendly product, perfect for your daily well-being

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Hydrolat Italian Helichryse

Hydrolat Italian Helichryse

The Italian Helichrysus hydrosol of Essentials, certified organic, is an exceptional product, produced in France. Distilled with untreated spring water, this hydrosol draws its benefits from the Helichryrysum Italicum, a Mediterranean plant known for its bright yellow flowers and its extraordinary properties.

This hydrosol is particularly recognized for its anti-hematoma capacities and its beneficial effects on circulatory disorders. It accelerates the absorption of hematomas and relieves pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, in the event of burns or sunburn, the hydrosol can be used in vaporization or in compress to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

In dermatology, Italian Helichryse hydrosol is effective in improving the appearance of scars, alleviating wrinkles, and firming the skin. It promotes cell regeneration and has anti-aging properties. It is also beneficial to hydrate and revitalize dry skin and hair.

For people with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or rosacea, this hydrosol offers soothing relief and helps reduce inflammation and redness.

By choosing the Italian Helichryse hydrosol of Essenciagua, you opt for a natural and artisanal product, combining quality and respect for the environment, perfect for integrating the benefits of nature in your daily routine of care

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Hydrolat Livage (Root)

Hydrolat Livage (Root)

Livèche hydrosol, handcrafted in Lozère and certified in organic farming, is an exceptional product with multiple facets. Known for its use as a culinary raid, it enriches the dishes of its unique and delicate flavor.

Beyond its use in cooking, this hydrosol is recognized for its diuretic and detoxifying properties. It promotes the elimination of body toxins, thus helping to purify and revitalize the organism in a natural way.

By choosing the Livèche hydrosol of Essenciagua, you opt for a natural and versatile product, designed with care to provide both taste and health benefits, with respect for the environment and sustainable production practices.

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