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The plant

Latin: Cymbopogon Nardus

Plant part: Flowery

Origin: Nepal

The lemongrass, whose smell recalls that of lemon, is a tropical herbaceous plant, with long narrow and erect leaves. Not, however, belonging to the same family, it is often confused with the lemon lemon balm, common in our regions. If the medicinal properties of lemongrass are known from ancient Egypt, this plant has been used for even longer on the Indian subcontinent. In the Antilles, it is a traditional remedy to lower fever, while in Africa it is used in the treatment of conditions such as tuberculosis and malaria. In tropical countries, it is often planted near houses, in order to keep insects away. It will be used effectively to keep mosquitoes away.

What are the benefits of Lemongrass?

used for its repellent properties against mosquitoes and insects. Indeed, lemongrass contains natural components such as citronellal and geraniol which act as a powerful insect repellent. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve itching and redness caused by insect bites. Simply apply lemongrass essential oil to the affected area to calm the irritation and speed up the healing process. By using lemongrass regularly, you can not only protect your skin from insect bites, but also relieve the discomfort that results from them.

The Products

Essential Oil Lemongrass

Essential Oil Lemongrass

Essenciagua lemongrass essential oil, presented in a 20 ml bottle, is a chemotypical and botanically defined biological product. Known for its repellent properties against mosquitoes, this essential oil is also appreciated for its beneficial effects on the joints.

Its lemon and fresh scent makes it an excellent choice to naturally keep mosquitoes and other bite -bike insects. Used in distribution, it creates a pleasant atmosphere while protecting your unwanted space.

In addition, lemongrass essential oil is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful to soothe joint and muscle pain. In local application, diluted in a support oil, it can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain related to arthritis or rheumatism.

This essential oil is also effective in treating skin problems such as acne, thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties. It can be incorporated into skin care products to balance oily skins and treat skin imperfections.

Choosing Esseciagua lemongrass essential oil is opting for a quality natural product, ideal for use in aromatherapy, skin care, and as a natural repulsive against insects. It is a practical and versatile choice for those looking for natural and effective solutions for their daily well-being.

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