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How to fight cellulite

Cellulite is due to excessive development of adipocytes (fat cells) stored under the skin tissue, which deforms it, the skin taking an "orange peel" appearance. Cellulite almost exclusively concerns women, and the vast majority of them. There is no magic formula to get rid of cellulite definitively, but we still manage to alleviate it. To do this, you have to strengthen your musculature a little, especially in terms of legs, which makes it possible to correct the skin of orange somewhat. The ideal is to do so with endurance sports, which allow, in addition to muscle strengthening, to burn some fats if they are practiced beyond 45 minutes. Bike, Nordic walking, swimming, aquagym are well suited. To treat it, we use diuretic, draining, depurative, circulatory or lipolytic plants (“burnt-burning”). The juniper, by its diuretic actions, detoxifying and depurative, is completely suitable and very frequently used in anti -hululitis care. It is often associated with more circulatory plants such as cypress, immortelle (Helichrysus) or peppermint as well as officinal sage for its lipolytic properties.

** Internal cure ** In parallel of muscle strengthening, perform an internet cure of juniper hydrosol, at the rate of a tablespoon 3 times a day, diluted in a glass of water

** Massage ** Make a massage session of "unsightly" areas in the evening, to promote the elimination of toxins and blood circulation and thus reduce cellulite. To do this, I prepare an emulsion in a 100 ml bottle, mixing 30 ml of calophyll (draining) vegetable oil and 30 ml of juniper hydrosol. Shake the bottle to emulsify the phases, aqueous and fatty, and I use this preparation in "palpate-roll" massage on the thighs, for about fifteen minutes.

The juniper is above all a “diuretic” plant. As a precaution, its oral use will therefore be not recommended in the event of renal insufficiency. On the other hand, friction with juniper hydrosol are safe to fight against orange skin and refine the silhouette.

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Hydrolat Common juniper from Quercy

Hydrolat Common juniper from Quercy

Essenciagua's juniper hydrosol, certified in organic farming, is a natural product with multiple benefits. Originally from Europe, the juniper (Juniperus Communis) is in the form of a thorny bush, up to 2,500 meters above sea level. Its berries, known since the 16th century as a universal remedy, are used for their diuretic and aperitif virtues.

This hydrosol has beneficial properties on rheumatism and water retention, partly thanks to its main composition of mono and sesquiterpenes. In topical application, it can help regulate sebum production, treat yeast infection thanks to its antifungal properties, and relieve the symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism thanks to its anti-humanism and anti-inflammatory properties.

Using the juniper hydrosol in inhalation or vaporization can also reduce stress and anxiety, thanks to its relaxing properties. It is also useful for fighting physical fatigue thanks to its toning and revitalizing properties, and can help to regulate excessive sweating and reduce the appearance of cellulite due to its diuretic and detoxifying properties.

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Discover the vegetable oil of Cophyllus (or Tamanu) of Essenciagua, a natural product with multiple therapeutic and cosmetic virtues. This precious oil, extracted from the seeds of tamanu fruit, is ideal for irritated or attacked skin. With its anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative properties, it soothes and repairs the skin, making it perfect for after-sun care or for treating conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and scars.

Beyond its skin benefits, Calophyllian oil is also an effective remedy for joint, muscle or tendon pain. Its richness in Cophyllolid, a natural anti-inflammatory, and in delta-tocotrienol, a type of vitamin E, in fact an option of choice for therapeutic massages, providing deep and durable relief.

In synergy with essential oils, it strengthens its effects and becomes a powerful ally to relieve pain and inflammation. This oil is also appreciated for its circulatory properties, helping to improve microcirculation and reduce heavy leg problems.

Essenciagua Calophyllian vegetable oil is a superior product, elaborated with respect for the environment and lasting practices. Each bottle contains a concentrate of nature benefits, offering a natural and effective solution for a variety of personal care needs.

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