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Treat oily skin

A oily skin can be linked to different factors: inheritance, hormonal imbalances, stress, climate change. It is characterized by significant sebum production, called "seborrhea". Sebum is this fatty lipid film which, well regulated, is used to protect the skin. But when there are too many, the skin shines, the pores clog more easily, opening the door to imperfections. Cedar hydrosol, by its purifying, rebalancing and astringent action, makes it possible to regulate the oily and acne skins. It is also effective in the case of eczema, psoriasis, itching and dermatosis. The tonic circulatory and lymphatic properties of cedar hydrosol also make him a very good ally against heavy legs, cellulite and water retention.

A oily skin requires special attention. It is a question of eliminating impurities which, by mixing with sebum, can form comedons and pimples, but too aggressive cleaning with an unsuitable soap may promote sebum production.

In the morning, use the cedar hydrosol to wash and tone the face, then hydrate and nourish the skin with an emulsion composed of equal parts of good quality cosmetic aloe vera and vegetable oil of core oil apricot or jojoba. Just mix 20 ml of aloe vera and 20 ml of vegetable oil in a pump bottle and to shake well before use.

In the evening, we will use to remove make -up with apricot or macadamia kernel oil on a washable wipe. Cleaning is finished with cedar or rosemary hydrosol, before applying the aloe vera emulsion to the still damp skin + morning vegetable oil.

Once a week, make a mask with white clay and rosemary hydrosol. The clay can absorb excess sebum and regulate production and, from time to time, use a natural sponge. Very soft for the skin, it allows a delicate abrasion of the face.

If it is not very aesthetic to have a shiny face, excessive seborrhea has its advantages: oily skin, thicker, is less sensitive to eczema problems and is better resistant to external aggressions and time passing ! The proposed protocol offer a completely classic cosmetic use of hydrosols, without any contraindication.

The Products

Hydrolat Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Hydrolat Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Discover the rosemary hydrosol of the Pays d'Oc d'Essociagua, a biological product with multiple virtues. Coming from Rosmarinus officinalis, a plant native to France, this hydrosol benefits from an artisanal distillation which preserves its active ingredients.

Rosemary hydrosol is recognized for its stimulating properties on the blood circulation of the scalp, as well as for its repellent effects against lice. It can be used in addition to anti-poux treatments to strengthen their efficiency.

In dermatological care, rosemary hydrosol is effective against acne and oily skins, thanks to its purifying and antiseptic properties. It regulates sebum production and reduces the fatty appearance of the skin and hair.

Essenciagua's rosemary hydrosol is also an excellent tonic to fight physical fatigue. It can be used in vaporization or drink for its invigorating and energizing properties. In addition, its use helps reduce stress and anxiety, thanks to its relaxing properties.

In terms of digestive benefits, drink a glass of water enriched with a few drops of this hydrosol facilitates digestion thanks to its digestive and carminative properties. It is also beneficial to stimulate hair growth and reduce it, as well as to regulate excessive sweating.

By opting for the rosemary hydrosol of the Pays d'Oc Essenciagua, you choose a natural, artisanal and environmentally friendly product, perfect for your daily well-being

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Hydrolat Cedar from Atlas

Hydrolat Cedar from Atlas

Discover the cedar hydrosol of the Esseciagua Atlas, a natural product ideal for tone and refresh the skin. Coming from the meticulous distillation of the cedar needles and branches, this hydrosol captures the pure essence of the Atlas cedar, offering an authentic treatment for all skin types. Its wooded and earthy perfume invites serenity, harmoniously integrating well-being and care routine.

This natural product is without artificial additives, reflecting Essenciagua's commitment to quality and authenticity. Perfect for daily use, it revitalizes the skin in the morning and soothes it in the evening. It can also be used as a basis for your homemade cosmetic preparations, adding a touch of nature to your beauty.

By choosing the Atlas cedar hydrosol, you opt for a pure, efficient, and environmentally friendly treatment. It is a step towards conscious and respectful beauty, celebrating simplicity and authenticity offered by nature.

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Noyau d'abricot

Noyau d'abricot

Essenciagua apricot core vegetable oil is a natural, pure and organic essence, obtained by the careful extraction of apricot nuclei. This oil is extremely appreciated for its many virtues, especially in beauty care, especially in the face. Its light texture and its rapid absorption make it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Rich in vitamins A and E, as well as in essential fatty acids, apricot kernel oil is an excellent natural moisturizer. It nourishes the skin in depth, leaving a luminous and revitalized complexion. Its anti-aging properties help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines, promoting young and radiant skin.

Apricot kernel oil is also recognized for its soothing effects on the irritated or inflamed skin. It calms redness and irritation, making it effective in the treatment of sensitive skin or subject to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

In addition, this versatile oil can be used to strengthen hair and scalp. It nourishes dry and damaged hair, restoring them shine and vitality. In addition, apricot kernel oil is often used for its massage properties, offering a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Choosing vegetable oil from Essenciagua apricot kernel is opting for a natural and high quality product, respectful of your skin and the environment. It is perfect for those looking for a natural and soft solution for skin and hair care.

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Jojoba vegetable oil

Jojoba vegetable oil

Discover the vegetable oil of Jojoba from Essenciagua, 100% organic certified by Certisys and bearing the "Biogarantie" label. This oil, from the Jojoba seed, a shrub native to the desert regions of North America, is a wonder of nature for skin and hair care.

Its unique composition is similar to human sebum, which gives it deep and effective penetration without leaving a fatty film on the skin. It is adapted to all skin types, moisturizing dry skin while regulating the production of sebum of oily skin.

Jojoba oil is also precious for hair, bringing hydration and shine. It is particularly effective in nourishing dry, damaged or curly hair, and can be used as a scalp treatment to control dandruff.

In addition, this oil is very interesting for the dilution of essential oils in the "house" preparation of synergies or cosmetics. It is an excellent support for essential oils, allowing a secure and effective application on the skin.

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