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Fight against hiccups

The hiccups (usual name for phrenoglotttic myoclonia ...) is a reflex which occurs suddenly and uncontrollable. It corresponds to a succession of involuntary and repeated contractions of the diaphragm, followed by a brutal closure of the glottis, which slows down the air supply and produces the characteristic "hic" of the hiccup. In phytotherapy, tarragon is recognized to provide significant digestive aid, alleviate bloating, soothe gastric and intestinal spasms and stop hiccups. The tarragon hydrosol is mainly made up of antispasmodic molecules, which act mainly on smooth muscles. It is very interesting for digestive, high spasms, therefore typically airpophagia and hiccups.

For the hiccups, the reflex is tarragon. When it happens, drink tarragon hydrosol directly, in general, in this case, take it pure. If you find the taste a little too pronounced, you can dilute a tablespoon in a small glass of water. Most of the time, a socket is enough. If not, you can repeat.

For people who frequently have the hiccups and who cannot move everywhere with a bottle of hydrosol, the essential oil is also suitable. In this case, simply take an oral drop to instantly stop the hiccups.

In the case of a hiccup at a baby, you can dilute a teaspoon of tarragon hydrosol in the bottle.

The protocol offered with hydrosol has no contraindication, this use being classic and food. On the other hand, tarragon essential oil is to be avoided in pregnant women and in small children.

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Hydrolat Tarragon

Hydrolat Tarragon

Esseraciagua's tarragon hydrosol is a treasure of nature that offers a delicate and soothing essence. Coming from the extraction process of tarragon essential oil, this hydrosol is recognized for its many virtues for the skin and well-being. With its unique herbaceous touch, it embodies the freshness and purity of nature.

This hydrosol is a precious ally for the skin. Its natural composition makes it a soft skin tonic, ideal for revitalizing and balanced all skin types. Thanks to its soothing properties, it can help calm skin irritations, redness and itching. Applied regularly, it helps maintain healthy and radiant skin.

In addition to its benefits for the skin, tarragon hydrosol can be used to promote inner well-being. Its herbaceous and soothing aroma can help relax the mind and reduce stress. It can be sprayed in the air or added to a relaxing bath for a harmonious olfactory experience.

Our commitment to quality is at the heart of the production of this hydrosol. It is obtained by steam distillation of the aerial parts of the tarragon plant, without adding chemicals or conservation agents. This guarantees the purity of this precious hydrosol, thus preserving its therapeutic properties.

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Essential Oil Tarragon

Essential Oil Tarragon

Discover the essential oil of Esseragua, an artisanal and biological product extracted from the Dracunlus plant, commonly called estragon. Originally from France, this essential oil is renowned for its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as for its toning effects on the digestive system.

Tarragon essential oil is effective in relieving headaches and migraines, especially when applied locally on temples or tension zones, diluted in a vegetable oil. It is also beneficial in the treatment of pain associated with tendonitis, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

In terms of mental well-being, this oil is an excellent choice to fight insomnia, stress and anxiety. Its distribution creates a soothing atmosphere which promotes relaxation and restful sleep. It is also useful for improving concentration and reducing mental fatigue, thanks to its stimulating perfume.

In the digestive level, tarragon essential oil is recognized for its digestive virtues. It can be applied in massage on the abdomen to relieve disorders such as difficult digestion, bloating, intestinal spasms and nausea.

By choosing the essential oil of Esseragua, you opt for a high quality natural product, developed with the greatest care to offer the best benefits of tarragon, while respecting the environment and production standards biological

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