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What to do in case of difficult digestion

Poor digestion is a functional disorder, that is to say a disorder for which there is no proven lesion but an annoying functioning of the digestive system, which can touch the stomach or the intestine. Mints occupy a privileged place in digestive phytotherapy, thanks to the molecules they contain. Green mint contains about 60 % carvone. We find it around 80 % in his hydrosol, which gives it this typical sweet menthol smell. Carvone is a powerful, especially digestive antispasmodic. In addition, it promotes the secretion of bile by the liver and its release in the intestine. Bile allows you to dissolve fat, promoting lipid digestion. The green mint hydrosol thus acts as antispasmodic and digestive tonic particularly suitable for difficult digestions, very pleasant in drink.

The protocol in case of difficult digestion is very simple, drinking green mint hydrosol! Punctually take the equivalent of a tablespoon, pure or diluted in a glass of water, as soon as you start to feel this heaviness of a stomach. Repeat this socket every 15 or 30 minutes until the weight feeling disappears. If you are on the move or in a meeting, without your hydrosol bottle, in this case, you can use angelic essential oil. Place a drop on the top of your hand, and discreetly "bake" it. The taste is a little strong, but the inconveniences disappear in the minutes that follow.

Carvone that is part of the family of ketones, we will avoid as a precaution the green mint hydrosol orally in babies, young children and pregnant women. We will take the same precautions for angelic essential oil. We will favor for these people the hydrosol of Basil Grand Green or Angelique.

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Hydrolat Green mint

Hydrolat Green mint

The green mint hydrosol of Esseciagua, certified organic, is a versatile product with multiple benefits. Not only does it pleasantly perfume your dishes, but it also offers considerable advantages for oral health, especially by relieving bad breath.

This hydrosol is obtained by artisanal distillation of the Viridis Mentha leaves, a method which preserves its refreshing and purifying properties. Used as mouthwash, it refreshes breath and helps maintain good oral hygiene thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

In the kitchen, the green mint hydrosol is an excellent supplement to add a touch of freshness to your dishes and drinks. A few drops are enough to flavor salads, desserts or drinks, bringing a subtle and delicate aroma.

On the therapeutic level, this hydrosol is also recognized for its digestive properties. It helps relieve digestive disorders such as bloating and spasms, and is a precious ally in the event of difficult digestion.

Choosing the Essenciagua green mint hydrosol is opting for a natural, healthy and versatile product, which will find its place in your kitchen as in your oral care routine and digestive well-being.

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Essential Oil Angelique Seeds

Essential Oil Angelique Seeds

The essential oil of Angelique Seeds of Essenciagua, extracted from the Angelica Archangelica from France, is a treasure of nature with exceptional virtues. Biologically cultivated, this oil retains all its properties and virtues, offering incomparable quality for therapeutic and aromatic use.

Angelique essential oil is recognized for its calming and relaxing properties, making a precious ally to soothe stress and anxiety. Used in dissemination or inhalation, it helps to revitalize the mind and fight intellectual fatigue, while promoting a feeling of serenity and rest. It is also effective in improving the quality of sleep, especially in the event of insomnia, helping to relax the mind and the body.

Beyond its effects on the nervous system, angelic essential oil is also beneficial for the digestive system. It can be used in abdominal massage, diluted in a support oil, to relieve digestive disorders such as intestinal spasms, nausea, bloating and digestion difficulties. Its antispasmodic and carminative properties help to appease the stomach and facilitate digestion.

Its balancing and soothing perfume also makes this oil ideal for meditation practices, promoting concentration and relaxation. In massage or in topical application, this essential oil can help reduce physical and emotional tensions, thus contributing to general well-being.

By choosing the essential oil of angelica seeds of Essenciagua, you opt for a pure and organic product, respectful of the environment and your health. It is an ideal choice to integrate the benefits of aromatherapy in your daily life, whether for mental, emotional or physical well-being.

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