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When you have joint pain

When you have joint pain
When you have joint pain

My testimony

My grandmother has always been very active and healthy. She ran her confectionery until she was 75 years old! Ten years later, she began to have osteoarthritis, mainly in her knees, with pain that prevented her from walking. For someone who couldn't sit still, it wasn't possible. At first, she kindly took what the doctor prescribed, classic anti-inflammatories. And had the common associated stomach pains... She was doubly satisfied when I prepared a little "aroma" pharmacy for her; her pain was relieved without side effects, thanks to products that her granddaughter made!

My tip

For everything related to joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, I always recommend blackcurrant hydrosol, taken orally, as a basic treatment. My grandmother was instructed to take a tablespoon 3 times a day in a glass of water (which forced her to drink, which she did not do enough). This hydrosol treatment alone was sufficient for some time. Subsequently, she completed it with an aromatic massage in the evening, before going to bed. To do this, I prepared a 10% aromatic oil for him, by mixing in a 100 ml dark purple bottle, 90 ml of St. John's wort or arnica oil and 10 ml of Roman chamomile essential oil. She poured the equivalent of a small teaspoon of this aromatic oil into the palm of her hand, and massaged each knee for 2-3 minutes. Roman chamomile essential oil, very interesting as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, is also soothing and relieving (it is used as a preanesthetic in the clinic). Unfortunately, it is quite expensive. It can be replaced by wintergreen or lemon eucalyptus essential oil, which are much more accessible.

What does herbal medicine say?

Osteoarthritis is a mechanical pathology caused by aging of the joint. It affects 30% of the general population and more than 90% of elderly people. Rheumatology is a medical discipline whose traditional treatments are associated with side effects, whereas herbal medicine is very rarely associated with this type of pathology. Blackcurrant is a well-known anti-inflammatory, used in different forms for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatism, joint pain and gout. Blackcurrant essential oil is rare, but the hydrosol makes an excellent daily background treatment. Many other essential oils have an anti-inflammatory effect (yarrow, Roman and matricaria chamomiles, wintergreen, lemon eucalyptus, etc.).

Did you know ?

Other hydrosols, such as matricaria chamomile, yarrow, meadowsweet, silver fir, are also very effective in the basic treatment of joint pain. They can be consumed alternately or in combination, always at the rate of 3 times a glass of water per day, with 1 tablespoon of hydrosol per glass This treatment is also perfectly suitable for animals, with very good results, by putting 3 tablespoons of hydrosol in their food every day

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The use, even prolonged, of blackcurrant hydrosol as a treatment does not involve any particular contraindications, even in the elderly. On the other hand, the use of an aromatic oil, especially at these concentrations of 10%, must be interrupted for a week every 3 weeks. Wintergreen essential oil is not suitable for people on anticoagulant treatment or allergic to aspirin.

RIBES NIGRUM Blackcurrant

The blackcurrant is a bushy shrub of 1 m to 1.5 m, cultivated in France since the 16th century for its fruits, more recently for its buds. Blackcurrant became commonplace after 1945,
thanks to the famous aperitif of Canon Kir. All aerial parts of the blackcurrant can be used. Fruits, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, are used to combat venous insufficiency, thanks to their vasculoprotective and venotonic effects. The leaves and buds
geons are diuretic and antirheumatic. The buds are also anti-inflammatory, immuno and cortico-stimulating.

The Products

Hydrolat Cassis from Burgundy

Hydrolat Cassis from Burgundy

The Burgundy blackcurrant hydrosol of Essenciagua, certified organic, is a versatile and exceptional product. Coming from Ribes Nigrum, a plant native to France, this hydrosol is perfect for culinary use, but its benefits do not stop there.

Rich in therapeutic properties, the blackcurrant hydrosol of Burgundy is effective in draining the body and acting on joint and urinary inflammation. It is also an excellent choice for revitalizing skin and dry hair, thanks to its moisturizing...

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