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Oliban incense

The plant

Oliban incense
Latin: Boswelia Carterii

Plant part: Resin

Origin: Somalia

The incense also called Olibana is an aromatic olive-gommel. This substance is produced from the resin of a group of trees belonging to the genus Boswellia. Oliban incense essential oil will be particularly appreciated in winter, or when you feel a drop in morale, seasonal or not ...

What are the benefits of Frankincense?

Frankincense-olibanum is a plant with many benefits for the body and mind. Used for centuries for its medicinal properties, it is also appreciated for its ability to promote relaxation and meditation. By diffusing its soothing scent, this plant helps create an atmosphere of serenity conducive to zenitude. By concentrating on the scent of frankincense, we can calm the mind, refocus and find a state of inner peace. This natural aroma helps create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, helping to chase away negative thoughts and free the mind from everyday tensions. Used during yoga or meditation sessions, frankincense allows you to achieve a state of deep well-being and find inner harmony.

The Products

Essential Oil Oliban incense

Essential Oil Oliban incense

The essential oil incense oliban of Essenciagua, both mystical and soothing, is a real treasure for the mind and the senses. Distilled from the resin of the Boswelia Carderii, originally from Somalia, this essential oil is renowned for its unique properties and its deep aroma which purifies the mind and awakens the senses.

This oil is particularly appreciated for its role in meditative and spiritual practices. Its soothing and elevator fragrance is traditionally used to deepen meditative states and promote a deeper spiritual connection. Used in diffusion, it creates a relaxing atmosphere, reducing stress and promoting serenity.

In addition to its benefits on mental and emotional well-being, Oliban incense essential oil has immunostimulant properties, helping to strengthen the immune system. It is also effective in cleaning and promoting wounds healing, nourishing and revitalizing dry skin and hair, and improving the appearance of scars.

In massage, diluted in a bearing oil, it helps to relieve joint pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and can be useful in the management of light depression because of its soothing effects.

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