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When I have a fever

When I have a fever

My testimony

I very rarely get sick. No doubt partly thanks to the fact that I “bath” in hydrosols and essential oils and that I live in the countryside, in a protected environment. But almost every time I go to Paris for a few days for trade shows, I catch a cold or the beginnings of a “cold illness”. To help me fight against feverish states in these urban environments, I call on the meadowsweet!

My tip

As soon as I feel feverish (headache, burning eyes, muscle pain), I take meadowsweet hydrosol. I try to drink a tablespoon in a glass almost every hour for the first day. I don't find meadowsweet very pleasant to drink, perhaps because of its astringent side which leaves the mouth dry. I prefer to dilute it in fruit juice (preferably pressed) rather than in water. I combine this anti-inflammatory hydrosol with savory hydrosol, as an anti-infective and to stimulate immunity a little. I take a tablespoon 3 times a day (with meadowsweet at these times).
In general I manage to quickly stop the condition with the combination of these two hydrosols. If this is not the case after 24 hours, I use essential oils. I then massage my chest every 2 hours the first day with 2 drops of noble laurel essential oil and 2 drops of thujanol thyme essential oil diluted in 5-6 drops of vegetable oil. From the next day or the next day, when things are better, I space out the applications, making 3 per day, for 4-5 days.

What does herbal medicine say?

Meadowsweet can be considered a true plant-based aspirin. It lowers fever and facilitates sweating (diaphoretic). In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties are useful for headaches, dental pain and flu-like conditions with aches. It also has diuretic and anti-edematous properties and neutralizes gastric acidity, relieving burns and stomach ulcers (Samardzic et al., 2018; Barnaulov and Denisenko, 1980; Katanic et al., 2016 and 2018). It was long believed that only salicylic acid was responsible for the anti-inflammatory action of meadowsweet. Today, we think instead that it is a set of components acting in synergy. As is often the case, the plant is more than the sum of its constituents!

Did you know ?

Meadowsweet is also indicated for stomach aches, ulcers and gastric reflux, which clearly illustrates the superiority of the plant totum over isolated active ingredients. The plant from which aspirin is produced protects the mucous membrane gastric where the isolated molecule creates undesirable effects!

I use hydrosols SAFELY

Even if no side effects are known from prolonged use of meadowsweet, as a precaution, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and people allergic to aspirin. It can be used in children. On the other hand, the tip presented with essential oils is not suitable for children under 7 years old.


The meadowsweet is a perennial plant, 1 m to 1.5 m high, with a proud habit, which gives it its French name. Very common in Europe in humid biotopes, meadows, along waterways, it presents clusters of yellowish white flowers, very fragrant and melliferous. The plant
was recommended in the Middle Ages for malignant fevers and, in the 19th century, it gave its name to aspirin, thanks
to the acetyl-salicylic it contains (has for acetyl and spir de spirea ulmaria, its old Latin name). Meadowsweet, through its salicylate derivatives among others, has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects in the treatment of dental pain, joint pain, headaches, febrile conditions, a diuretic, anticoagulant, digestive, anti-ulcer and soothing action. gastric reflux.

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Hydrolat Meadow queen

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