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When I have digestive and intestinal spasms

When I have digestive and intestinal spasms
When I have digestive and intestinal spasms

My testimony

A few years ago, at the office, in my “before” life, I frequently had cramps in my stomach or stomach a little after meals, without really knowing why. It didn't seem to be linked to certain foods but mainly appeared when I was stressed. These digestive cramps occur much less often now. And they are no longer debilitating since I found basil hydrosol a powerful ally, stopping these spasms almost instantly.

My tip

Whether the origin of the spasms is nervous or not and whether they affect the stomach or intestine, basil hydrosol can be used. When I have a stomach or intestinal cramp, I take one or two tablespoons of this hydrosol directly in a glass of water. I repeat this take about ten minutes later. Usually this is enough to soothe the spasm. If not, I'll take it a third time. And, if I am in a place that allows it, I fill the palm of my hand with basil hydrosol and I apply it to the plexus and stomach, even if the hydrosol does not really massage.
If the spasms have a nervous origin, it is good to combine basil hydrosol with lemon balm and lemon verbena hydrosols. This helps further release whatever is left on the stomach, both literally and figuratively.

What does herbal medicine say?

Basil has long been known as a calming and soothing agent for gastric and intestinal disorders. It was integrated into the pharmacopoeia of simple medicines in the 12th century. Basil is currently recognized as a powerful nervous and digestive antispasmodic. It stimulates peristalsis (all muscular contractions allowing the progression of contents in a hollow organ) and reduces the physical tension of the body, the diaphragm and the gastrointestinal tract. A scientific study has demonstrated the effects of basil on the protection of mucous membranes in cases of colitis (J. Evid. Based Complementary Altern. Med., Oct. 201, 21 (4)). Basil hydrosol is composed almost exclusively of linalool and eugenol, two molecules with analgesic, antispasmodic and calming properties. It is therefore perfectly suited to everything that is spasmic, whether nervous or digestive.

Did you know ?

Exotic basil is also known as a powerful antispasmodic. However, it has a very different composition, mainly methyl-chavicol, a "harder" molecule than the linalool and eugenol of big green basil, much softer and easier to take. therefore more willingly recommends

OCIMUM BASILICUM The great green basil (CT linalool)

The “pistou” of the Provençals is a plant native to India acclimatized in Europe since ancient times. This perennial herb, which can reach 50 cm high, is generally cultivated around the Mediterranean and in most temperate regions of the globe as a flavoring for salads, soups and meats.
As in Antiquity, modern medicine recognizes basil's action on the digestive disorders of nervous people. Its infusion soothes gastric spasms, combats bloating and tones the stomach. The plant, which is best used fresh, is also sedative. It was formerly prescribed in the treatment of hysteria. Fresh crushed leaves also soothe skin irritations.

The Products

Hydrolat Basil

Hydrolat Basil

The Grand Green Basil Hydrosol of Essenciagua, certified in organic farming, is an exceptional product with multiple benefits. Originally from Egypt, basil (Ocimum Basilicum) is a perennial herbaceous plant, historically used for its effects on digestive and nervous disorders. This hydrosol is obtained by the distillation of the basil leaves, thus offering a pure and concentrated essence.

Its antispasmodic and soothing properties make it a precious ally against stress and anxiety....

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