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When my skin is tight

When my skin is tight

My testimony

When I walk in winter, when it's cold and the wind is blowing, I come home with tightness in the skin on my face. However, I don't have sensitive skin, just a little reactive, especially to changes in temperature. I don’t use “aggressive” creams or lotions that could irritate it. Only the very hard water in our area should help to dry it out. When the cold wind adds (or removes…) a layer, it becomes uncomfortable. So it’s time for me to give it a little sweetness with hydrosols!

My tip

When my skin feels tight, my reflex is orange blossom. After being in the shower, I use a washable makeup remover pad to apply orange blossom hydrosol to my face, morning and evening. I do it after showering because our water is very hard, and I don't want to have that feeling of dry skin.
If I still have this feeling of tightness after a few days, or simply for the pleasure of the benefit that follows, I prepare a facial mask with honey. To do this, I pour a tablespoon of liquid honey into a bowl (prefer organic honey from a local producer if you can). I add a tablespoon of orange blossom hydrosol and 2 pinches of superfine white or pink clay. I mix and soak makeup remover squares with this preparation before applying them to my face while I am lying down. I leave it to “act” for around twenty minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. This mask works miracles on uncomfortable, tight skin.

What does herbal medicine say?

All parts of the bitter orange tree are used in herbal medicine, the leaves, flowers and fruit peel. The leaves and flowers are reputed to be antispasmodic and sedative, the bark is tonic. In aromatherapy, the essential oil of flowers (neroli) is traditionally used to soothe the nervous system. Orange blossom hydrosol is certainly one of the best known and most used hydrosols. Made up mainly of monoterpene alcohols, orange blossom hydrosol has many virtues, internally and externally. Orally, it dissipates tension, calms and soothes, and induces sleep. Externally, it is considered regenerating for all skin types, very useful for skin tightness, dull, dry or delicate skin.

Did you know ?

Orange blossom hydrosol is perfect for the baby Whether diluted in the bath or diffused in the room, it is ideal for bringing calm before bed Diluted in the bottle, it will soothe and calm colic. Orange blossom hydrosol is also perfect for cleaning the little one's face and bottom

I use hydrosols SAFELY

Whether internally or externally, in newborns or the elderly, orange blossom hydrosol has no contraindications, only indications!

CITRUS AURANTIUM Orange blossom (bitter orange)

The bitter orange tree, or bitter orange tree, is a tree native to northern India. Introduced to Europe by the Arabs in the 2nd century, it is today cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin. This tree, 4 to 5 m high, has leathery, shiny leaves and white flowers with a sweet scent, giving bitter fruits. All parts of this tree are aromatic, the leaves, flowers and fruit peel. The distillation of the flowers produces neroli essential oil and orange blossom hydrosol. This is used both in cooking to flavor a dessert and for its soothing, internal and external properties.

The Products

Hydrolat Orange Blossom

Hydrolat Orange Blossom

The Esseciagua orange blossom hydrosol, certified organic, is a natural and delicate essence, famous not only for its traditional use in pastry but also for its multiple benefits in aromatherapy and skin care. Distilled from fresh orange blossoms, this hydrosol is a treasure of softness and efficiency.

Its soothing virtues make it an ideal remedy for nervous fatigue and stress. In broadcast or in topical application, it helps to establish an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, thus...

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