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When I digest poorly

When I digest poorly
When I digest poorly

My testimony

How many times have I had trouble digesting after a meal that was a little too hearty or fatty at lunchtime, or after a chocolate dessert? During the afternoon, I felt like I was leaving the table with a full stomach even though it had been 2-3 hours since the meal was finished. I felt heavy and a little woozy until the evening. I know that I have a problem with bile secretion, which must be at least partly responsible for these slow or difficult digestions. Since I started using hydrosols, they weigh me down a lot less (that’s fair to say…).

My tip

My tip for difficult digestion is very simple, I drink spearmint hydrosol! I occasionally take the equivalent of a tablespoon, pure or diluted in a glass of water, as soon as I start to feel this heaviness in my stomach. I repeat this every 15 or 30 minutes until the feeling of weight disappears. If I'm traveling or in a meeting, I sometimes don't have my bottle of hydrosol with me or can't take it. In this case, I take out my bottle of angelica essential oil (which is always in my bag!). I place a drop on the top of my hand, and
“lick” discreetly. The taste is a little strong, but the unpleasantness disappears within a few minutes.

What does herbal medicine say?

Poor digestion is a functional disorder, that is to say a disorder for which there is no proven lesion but a troublesome functioning of the digestive system, which can affect the stomach or the intestine. Mints occupy a privileged place in digestive herbal medicine, thanks to the molecules they contain.
Spearmint contains approximately 60% carvone. We find around 80% in its hydrosol, which gives it that typical sweet minty smell. Carvone is a powerful antispasmodic, especially digestive (Souza et al., 2013, Fitoterapia). In addition, it promotes the secretion of bile by the liver and its release into the intestine. Bile helps dissolve fats, promoting the digestion of lipids. Spearmint hydrosol thus acts as an antispasmodic and digestive tonic, particularly suitable for difficult digestions, and very pleasant as a drink.

Did you know ?

Spearmint hydrosol is also very interesting as an expectorant and mucolytic. The carvone it contains in large quantities also acts at the respiratory level by thinning the mucus. It is therefore useful in cases of bronchitis and mucopurulent infection of the bronchial tract. any other register, carvone is used in organic agriculture to prevent premature germination of potatoes

I use hydrosols SAFELY

As carvone is part of the ketone family, as a precaution, spearmint hydrosol should be avoided orally in babies, young children and pregnant women. We will take the same precautions for angelica essential oil. For these people, we will favor large green basil or angelica hydrosol.


Spearmint is a common perennial plant, cultivated as an aromatic plant, acclimatized in many countries around the world. In gardens, it can reach 60 cm high and become invasive. The deep green leaves give off a very fresh minty smell, sweeter than that of peppermint. Nanah spearmint is the one used in Moroccan tea or tabbouleh, and the one that gives the flavor to chlorophyll chewing gum and certain toothpastes. Spearmint is refreshing, digestive, mucolytic, antiparasitic and antiviral.

The Products

Hydrolat Green mint

Hydrolat Green mint

The green mint hydrosol of Esseciagua, certified organic, is a versatile product with multiple benefits. Not only does it pleasantly perfume your dishes, but it also offers considerable advantages for oral health, especially by relieving bad breath.

This hydrosol is obtained by artisanal distillation of the Viridis Mentha leaves, a method which preserves its refreshing and purifying properties. Used as mouthwash, it refreshes breath and helps maintain good oral hygiene thanks to...

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