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When I lose hair

When I lose hair
When I lose hair

My testimony

During the summer, we continue the distillations as the plants arrive, which we always distill fresh, and I often lack sleep. However, when I am tired, I lose my hair and I have more difficulty digesting. I have a lot of hair, losing it isn't too serious, but it's quite unpleasant to find it everywhere. Just like this feeling of heaviness after each slightly rich meal (we are in Lozère!). With rosemary hydrosol, I found a double ally, acting on both the cause (fatigue) and the consequence (hair loss and digestion).

My tip

To limit hair loss, I prepare a “rosemary” shampoo that I use every time I wash it, as long as necessary. To do this, I transfer 150 ml of a neutral bio5 cleansing base into an old shampoo bottle and I add 10 ml of black seed oil and 30 ml of rosemary hydrosol. If you prefer a more flowery scent or want to avoid camphor, you can replace rosemary with ylang-ylang. It is important to massage the scalp well when shampooing, to stimulate microcirculation. On days when I don't shampoo, I apply rosemary hydrosol alone, massaging the scalp.
And as a general tonic, to limit fatigue and stimulate digestion, I take a course of rosemary hydrosol internally, at a rate of 3 tablespoons per day, diluted in 1 liter or 1.5 liters of water.

What does herbal medicine say?

It is anyway important to know the cause of hair loss. Depending on the cause, hormonal rebalancing or a dietary supplement may be necessary. But whatever the cause, we can strengthen the hair, limit loss, activate microcirculation and thus promote the vitality of the hair thanks to aroma. Essential oils of Atlas cedar, rosemary and clary sage are frequently recommended to combat hair loss. Essential oils stimulating microcirculation (rosemary, cypress) in the scalp facilitate nourishment of the hair bulb and stimulate hair growth. Ylang-ylang strengthens hair and makes it shinier. Vegetable oils such as nigella and coconut are also frequently recommended, in shampoo or as a base to prepare an application oil or serum.

Did you know ?

We all naturally lose a certain number of hairs every day The quality of life (stress, fatigue, smoking, unbalanced diet, products used) impacts that of the hair, therefore its accelerated loss Changing bad habits can improve the situation, alongside the use of aroma. If the fall is significant or sudden, you should consult a doctor to ensure that it does not hide a more serious health problem.

I use hydrosols SAFELY

As a precaution, due to the presence of camphor, rosemary cineole-camphor hydrosol is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It can be substituted with ylang-ylang or Atlas cedar hydrosol.

ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS CT ​​cineole-camphor Officinal rosemary with cineole-camphor

Rosemary is a bushy, evergreen, very fragrant shrub, widespread throughout the Mediterranean, and everywhere in our regions. Traditionally, rosemary is known to resolve obstructions of the liver and spleen, purify the lungs, fight coughs and asthenia. In aroma,
the essential oil is used orally as a stimulant against fatigue, for liver conditions, difficult digestion, painful periods. In massage with vegetable oil, camphor essential oil is an excellent muscle relaxant and a disinfectant and expectorant thanks to cineole. In addition, it promotes capillary blood circulation.

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Hydrolat Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Hydrolat Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Discover the rosemary hydrosol of the Pays d'Oc d'Essociagua, a biological product with multiple virtues. Coming from Rosmarinus officinalis, a plant native to France, this hydrosol benefits from an artisanal distillation which preserves its active ingredients.

Rosemary hydrosol is recognized for its stimulating properties on the blood circulation of the scalp, as well as for its repellent effects against lice. It can be used in addition to anti-poux treatments to strengthen their...

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