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When I have hiccups

When I have hiccups
When I have hiccups

My testimony

When we were little, my twin sister and I had hiccups very often. At times, when it wasn't one, it was the other. I remember one day when it caught us at school. We started to hiccup. The more we tried to hold back, the stronger the “catch” became. Which gave us a good laugh. Which became widespread because several students got involved, each with their own little thing. One tried to scare us, the other brought us a glass of water to drink “upside down”… Widespread noisy break in the class! At that time, I didn't yet know that tarragon could stop hiccups almost instantly. This would have saved us several times from being uncomfortable with this powerful “catch”. Even if it sometimes allowed a few laughs.

My tip

For hiccups, the reflex is tarragon. When it still happens to me (which is much less frequent now), I drink tarragon hydrosol directly. In general, in this case, I take it pure. If you find the taste a little too pronounced, you can dilute a tablespoon in a small glass of water. Most of the time, one shot is enough. If not, you can repeat.
For people who frequently have hiccups and who cannot carry a bottle of hydrosol everywhere, essential oil is also very suitable. In this case, just take one drop orally to instantly stop the hiccups.
In case of hiccups in a baby, you can dilute a teaspoon of tarragon hydrosol in the bottle.

What does herbal medicine say?

Hiccups (common name for phrenoglottic myoclonus…) is a reflex that occurs suddenly and uncontrollably. It corresponds to a succession of involuntary and repeated contractions of the diaphragm, followed by a sudden closure of the glottis, which slows down the flow of air and produces the
“hic” characteristic of hiccups.
In herbal medicine, tarragon is known to provide significant digestive aid, reduce bloating, soothe gastric and intestinal spasms and stop hiccups. Tarragon hydrosol is mainly composed of antispasmodic molecules, which act mainly on smooth muscles. It is very interesting for digestive spasms, high, therefore typically aerophagia and hiccups.

Did you know ?

Tarragon hydrolate contains, in addition to its antispasmodic molecules, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic molecules, very effective in relieving allergic rhinitis. It can be used to prevent or relieve the effects of hay fever. For this, the ideal is to take a treatment for a month, at a rate of 2 to 3 tablespoons of tarragon hydrosol per day, diluted in water

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The tip presented with the hydrosol presents no contraindication, this use being classic and dietary. On the other hand, tarragon essential oil should be avoided by pregnant women and small children.


Tarragon is a perennial plant, with narrow leaves, cultivated throughout the world as a flavoring (it is tarragon which gives the main flavor of béarnaise sauce). Originally from Russia and more precisely from the great steppes of Siberia, tarragon owes its name to the Latin dracunculus which means little dragon. According to the theory of signatures dear to the ancients, the sinuous roots of tarragon resembling snakes suggested its effectiveness against snake bites, and more generally against the bites of venomous animals. Unfortunately, this only seems to be a legend... Due to its antispasmodic properties, particularly at the digestive level, tarragon is formidable for quickly stopping hiccups.

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