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When I have rosacea

When I have rosacea

My testimony

For about ten years now, the skin on my face has reddened very quickly with changes in temperature. I never took offense to it and never thought that it could be a condition until recently. While I was talking with someone I knew about her rosacea, she asked me what I was doing for mine... I had never thought about it but yes, this rapid reddening in hot or cold must be a manifestation early onset of rosacea. Just like these little purplish vessels visible from time to time on my cheekbones. As it is easier to prevent than to cure, it is time to do everything to limit its progression!

My tip

On a daily basis, I use witch hazel hydrosol to cleanse my face, morning and evening. I thus benefit from its tonic properties on the small vessels. On the weekend, I replace the witch hazel hydrosol with that of matricaria, and I apply calophyll vegetable oil to the still damp skin, which also has interesting properties on microcirculation.
To limit redness, I try to always have a decongestant emulsion with me, which I use when needed. To do this, I mix 20 ml of calophyll vegetable oil, 20 ml of witch hazel hydrosol and 40 ml of peppermint hydrosol in a 100 ml pump bottle. I shake the bottle a little before misting this emulsion on my face and massaging. Peppermint, through its cooling effect, helps to reduce blushing.
When possible, I avoid excessive temperature differences so as not to amplify these manifestations. In some people, alcohol, foods or drinks that are too hot, or even certain spices, can accentuate the redness of the skin. It's not my case.

What does herbal medicine say?

Rosacea corresponds to a visible dilation of the small vessels of the face. Although known for a long time and affecting many people, its causes are not identified. A genetic cause is suspected by the fact that this condition mainly affects people with light skin and eyes, hence its name “curse of the Celts”. A dysfunction of the facial veins could explain its clinical manifestations, which are progressive. Herbal medicine can help slow down this development and prevent it from becoming inflammatory (this is called rosacea). Circulatory and decongestant plants are used. Witch hazel and red vine facilitate blood circulation. Witch hazel hydrosol, tonic and venous vasoconstrictor, is very effective on skin microcirculation; it is widely used for reactive and blotchy skin.

Did you know ?

Witch hazel is one of those few plants which do not contain essential essential oil and which is distilled only for the hydrosol, as this has interesting properties Witch hazel hydrosol is used for hemorrhoidal problems , heavy legs, edema, mild skin inflammation, rosacea, varicosity, microcirculatory disorders Its astringency is also very interesting for oily skin problems

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The tips proposed have no particular contraindications, even over a prolonged period, because it is a completely classic cosmetic use.


Witch hazel is a shrub of North American origin, with tortuous branches and large leaves resembling those of the hazel tree, which gives it its nickname “witches’ hazel”. The yellow, spider-shaped flowers bloom in the fall. Witch hazel has vasoconstrictor, hemostatic and astringent properties, the latter two being due to the tannins present in the leaves. The use of witch hazel to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids and local inflammations of the skin is taken up by the WHO and the European Commission.

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