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When I have dull hair

When I have dull hair
When I have dull hair

My testimony

I live in the countryside, in a lightly polluted environment, I have never done coloring or used a detangler or harsh shampoo, I do not use a hair dryer, I am not iron deficient and yet I I regularly have dull hair... This lack of shine is more frequent when I am tired or stressed, but I also notice it when I am well and in good shape. I think it comes from the water, which is very hard in our area. I found ylangylang hydrosol a good ally to restore a little shine to my hair.

My tip

To restore shine to my hair, I prepare a ylang-ylang shampoo, which I use every time I wash it for 2-3 weeks. To do this, I use a neutral bio2 cleansing base. I transfer 150 ml into an old shampoo bottle and add 10 ml of vegetable oil and 30 ml of ylang-ylang hydrosol. I don't forget to shake the bottle well before each use, to homogenize the phases. I massage the scalp well during shampooing to tone it. On days when I don't shampoo, I use ylang-ylang hydrosol alone and rub it into my hair to tone it. You can also use a pump bottle to spray the ylang-ylang hydrosol on the hair before styling it.
Unlike most hydrosols, ylang-ylang has a relatively tenacious, delicious and sensual scent, although less overpowering than that of the essential oil.

What does herbal medicine say?

Hair contains fibrous proteins which provide elasticity and shine. Dull hair comes from the deterioration of the cuticles (outer part of the hair shaft, made up of superimposed layers of cells arranged in scales). When hair is healthy, the cuticles are smooth. Dull hair has damaged cuticles that prevent light from reflecting. Seasonal changes, stress, diets, pollution, harsh shampoos and limescale can cause hair to lose its shine.
Ylang-ylang has always been used for its stimulating and toning properties. In the Comoros and the Philippines, the flowers are used in maceration to coat the body in order to protect against infections and protect the skin and hair from the sun and sea water. In aroma, the oil essential and ylang-ylang floral water are known to give strength and shine to hair and revitalize the skin.

Did you know ?

By wanting to do the right thing, we can sometimes obtain the opposite effect Dull hair is frequently caused by excessive use of “beauty” products, mainly detanglers. Intense exposure to the sun, poorly rinsed shampoos, limescale can also alter the hair proteins and make it dull

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The tip presented with ylang-ylang hydrosol does not involve any particular contraindication, because it is a completely classic cosmetic use.


Ylang-ylang is a tree native to Asia, characteristic of the islands of the Indian Ocean, bearing beautiful large yellow flowers with a captivating scent. Meaning “flower of flowers”, ylang-ylang was mainly used in Antiquity for its benefits on the skin. Currently, it is cultivated for its flowers, the essential oil of which is widely used in perfumery for its tenacious, exotic, voluptuous aroma. In aroma, ylang-ylang is considered sedative, hypotensive and aphrodisiac. Less known, hydrosol is no less interesting. Very aromatic, it is calming and promotes positivity and good humor. In cosmetics, it revitalizes and tones tired skin, stimulates the scalp and brings shine and vigor to the hair.

The Products

Hydrolat Ylang Ylang Complete

Hydrolat Ylang Ylang Complete

The Complete Ylang Ylang Hydrosol of Essenciagua is a product with multiple facets, known for its beneficial properties on the skin and the mind. This hydrosol is recognized for its effectiveness as a sexual, stimulating and harmonizing tonic. It provides natural support in case of stress and nervous tension, helping to restore emotional balance and promote a feeling of well-being.

Rich in beneficial components for the skin, this hydrosol soothes irritation and contributes to skin...

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