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When my liver is tired

When my liver is tired
When my liver is tired

My testimony

Two years ago, I consulted my homeopath for various minor ailments. Arnold's neuralgia in the neck and skull, difficulty digesting slightly fatty meals, often pasty mouth, frequent frostbite of the fingers and toes. His diagnosis was: “liver and gallbladder”. Although I had been told from time to time that I had a sallow complexion, which could indicate a liver “problem,” I never thought that my neck pain or frostbite could be liver-related. It is clear that since I took care of it with lovage hydrosol, everything is much better!

My tip

Now that I have become aware of the importance of the liver for daily well-being, I do a “detox” treatment in the spring and fall. For this, I take 1 liter of lovage hydrosol. I consume it entirely, at a rate of 3 tablespoons per day, diluted in water. Depending on my schedule, I either take 1 scoop 3 times a day or all 3 scoops in a 1 liter bottle of water that I drink throughout the day. Independently of these cures, I take lovage hydrosol occasionally, when I feel that I need it after a fatty meal. In this case, I drink a small glass of water in which I have diluted one or two tablespoons of hydrosol, and I repeat in the following hours if necessary.

What does herbal medicine say?

A popular adage says: “When the liver goes, everything goes.” » In fact, the liver plays a central and essential role in the body, ranging from filtering and cleaning the blood to the digestion of fatty substances, including the regulation of certain enzymes and hormones. It is imperative to keep it in shape to be healthy too.
Lovage is traditionally recognized as draining emunctories (liver-kidney-skin), promoting the elimination of toxins. Lovage hydrosol has an action on the liver and kidney by stimulating their elimination action, via phthalides, which represent 60% of the hydrosol. The stimulation of hepatocytes and bile ducts allows, in addition to improving the digestion of fatty substances, the elimination of heavy metals and pollutants which disrupt metabolism. Lovage hydrosol is perfect for cures
“detox”, when the body is clogged, and for any form of liver poisoning, whether infectious, medicinal or dietary.

Did you know ?

Lovage hydrosol, through its purifying and detoxifying actions, is also very interesting in the treatment of psoriasis. In this case, a course of 3 weeks per month for 3 months at the rate of a tablespoon morning and evening will perfectly complete a local application of a mixture of equal parts of hydrosols of matricaria, lavender and yarrow

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The proposed approach does not imply any particular contraindication, even over a prolonged period, because it is a classic dietary use.


A type of large wild celery, lovage is native to Persia. It is believed that it was introduced to France by the Benedictine monks who recognized its calming virtues. In fact, its name, levisticum, derives from Latin, meaning “to relieve”. Lovage is cultivated today in many regions for its condiment and phytotherapeutic properties. It is a diuretic, expectorant, detoxifying plant. In herbal medicine, the dried root is used. In aromatherapy, essential oil and hydrosol are indicated in the drainage of emunctories, food poisoning, minor liver failures, psoriasis.

The Products

Hydrolat Livage (Root)

Hydrolat Livage (Root)

Livèche hydrosol, handcrafted in Lozère and certified in organic farming, is an exceptional product with multiple facets. Known for its use as a culinary raid, it enriches the dishes of its unique and delicate flavor.

Beyond its use in cooking, this hydrosol is recognized for its diuretic and detoxifying properties. It promotes the elimination of body toxins, thus helping to purify and revitalize the organism in a natural way.

By choosing the Livèche hydrosol of Essenciagua,...

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