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When my legs are heavy

When my legs are heavy
When my legs are heavy

My testimony

At trade shows, I spend the entire day standing behind the stand, moving little. I often have heavy and swollen legs at the end of the day. I particularly remember an outdoor fair in June. It was very hot. In the afternoon, my legs started to feel really swollen and painful. I couldn't go for a walk and stimulate blood circulation, but I had everything I needed to relieve myself within reach.

My tip

When my legs are heavy, I take a small 60 ml pump bottle in which I mix 20 ml of pistachio mastic hydrosol, 10 ml of witch hazel hydrosol and 5 drops of peppermint EO. I shake the bottle and spray the mixture on my legs. The feeling of freshness and lightness is almost immediate. As this mixture is aqueous, it can be used in any circumstance.
For prevention, I take a mastic hydrosol treatment 2 weeks before the start of the show. I mix 3 tablespoons of mastic hydrosol in a 1 liter bottle of water that I drink throughout the day.
And foot baths are very effective and pleasant. In the evening, if I need it, I prepare a basin of lukewarm water to which I add the equivalent of a small glass of mastic hydrosol, a small glass of peppermint hydrosol and I immerse your feet in it for about ten minutes.

What does herbal medicine say?

In most cases, the feeling of heavy legs is linked to venous insufficiency, the veins in the legs not bringing blood back to the heart efficiently enough. To remedy this mainly mechanical problem, you can elevate your legs, do a massage or do a little walking to stimulate circulation. Furthermore, aroma provides many solutions to this type of problem. Pistachio is the venous and lymphatic decongestant par excellence, popular in venous circulation problems (also varicose veins and hemorrhoids).
Witch hazel is a renowned vasoconstrictor, which also protects the walls of the veins. Cold is well known for stimulating blood circulation, which peppermint does wonderfully with its ice cube effect.

Did you know ?

A circulatory problem in general (such as heavy or swollen legs at the end of the day) can be the result of a slightly lazy liver. It can easily be stimulated a little by a 3-week internal treatment of lovage hydrosol, at a rate of 3 tablespoons per day in water

I use hydrosols SAFELY

Using this mixture over several weeks does not present any danger. Peppermint essential oil should be replaced by hydrosol during pregnancy. If these phenomena of heavy or swollen legs persist, a medical consultation is necessary.

PISTACIA LENTISCUS Pistachio mastic tree

The mastic pistachio tree is a shrub of 1 m to 4 m, with evergreen leaves, which is found in arid places around the Mediterranean. It is also called “mastic tree” because of the very fragrant gum which is extracted from its trunk. This gum is used in confectionery and is used in
the manufacture of liqueurs. The distillation of berry branches gives a precious essential oil, very effective for venous and lymphatic disorders responsible for organ congestion (veins, prostate, sinuses). Hydrosol, much more affordable financially, has the same properties as essential oil, as well as an astringent action interesting for oily skin.

The Products

Hydrolat Lentisque pistachier

Hydrolat Lentisque pistachier

The hydrosol Lentisque Pistachier d'Essociagua, extract from the Lentisque pistachio, a Mediterranean shrub, is a rich and soothing natural product. This unique hydrosol, known for its refreshing essence, revitalizes the skin and the mind, offering an exceptional natural care experience.

Originally from France, the Pistachio Lentisque is a persistent shrub, cultivated in arid regions around the Mediterranean. It is also known as the sealant tree due to the aromatic gum extracted...

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