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When my feet and hands are cold - Raynaud's disease

When my feet and hands are cold - Raynaud's disease
When my feet and hands are cold - Raynaud's disease

My testimony

Since adolescence, I have suffered from Raynaud's disease. As soon as the temperature drops below 12° or 13°C, my fingers and toes turn white and numb. It is a very unpleasant and debilitating feeling. Even if we have less harsh winters than when I was a teenager, the “cold” season is relatively long in Lozère. For a few years, I used aromatic oils that I applied to fingers and toes to promote circulation (calophyll oil with essential oil of immortelle (helichrysum) and thyme with thujanol) and on frostbite (macerate St. John's wort and lavender essential oil), to soothe them. I haven't needed this for two winters, I almost no longer have "white fingers" and have no longer had frostbite thanks to the hydrosols!

My tip

My approach with aroma to this problem has evolved in recent years to result in a solution based on hydrosol treatments that I begin in early or mid-November, when the cold sets in. Throughout this period, I prepare a 1.5 liter jug ​​of water every morning with 3 tablespoons of immortelle hydrosol (helichrysum) which I drink during the morning. I complete this daily routine, which will last until spring, with a second hydrosol. For two weeks, I drink water flavored with rosemary hydrosol in the afternoon, and for the following two weeks water flavored with lovage hydrosol, always at a rate of 3 spoons. of hydrosol diluted in my carafe of water. If you don't drink a lot, you can dilute the two hydrosols (helichrysum and lovage or helichrysum and rosemary) in the same carafe of water without problem.

What does herbal medicine say?

When it is cold, the body activates certain mechanisms to best preserve its heat. One of them is the constriction of the small blood vessels in the extremities, which will tighten. In the case of Raynaud's disease, this mechanism is excessive, so that the small vessels contract too much and too suddenly when exposed to cold, causing a disturbance of blood circulation in the extremities.
Italian helichrysum is well known for its circulatory properties. It acts as an activator of arterial and lymphatic circulation and peripheral blood microcirculation, deficient in Raynaud's disease. Rosemary and lovage are two plants with liver detoxifying properties. The liver, the central organ of blood circulation, must function optimally for good circulation.

Did you know ?

Raynaud's disease, annoying but not serious, appears most often
in adolescence and in women The cause is unknown On the other hand, Raynaud syndrome
generally manifests itself later and is secondary to another cause or pathology (this may be taking a medication, an autoimmune disease,
arterial disease, taking certain drugs) In this case, a consultation with a rheumatologist or an artery specialist is necessary

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The proposed approach does not imply any particular contraindication, even over a prolonged period, because it is a classic dietary use.

HELICHRY SUMITAICUM The immortelle or Italian helichrysum

This plant from the Compositae family particularly likes the arid and sandy soils of Corsica or Sardinia, but also knows how to adapt very well throughout the south of France. Also called
“Immortal” because it does not fade, this yellow flower is a concentrate of sun (helios) and gold (chrysos) but also of formidable properties. It contains an exceptional essential oil, powerfully anticoagulant, with very rapid activity on hematomas, threats of phlebitis and all circulatory problems. In cosmetics, its anti-oxidant and restorative properties are very interesting for mature skin.

The Products

Hydrolat Italian Helichryse

Hydrolat Italian Helichryse

The Italian Helichrysus hydrosol of Essentials, certified organic, is an exceptional product, produced in France. Distilled with untreated spring water, this hydrosol draws its benefits from the Helichryrysum Italicum, a Mediterranean plant known for its bright yellow flowers and its extraordinary properties.

This hydrosol is particularly recognized for its anti-hematoma capacities and its beneficial effects on circulatory disorders. It accelerates the absorption of hematomas and...

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