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When you cut yourself while shaving

When you cut yourself while shaving
When you cut yourself while shaving

My testimony

My partner doesn't take much time to shave in the morning; so he does it just about anywhere, most of the time without shaving foam. The blade on a hard hair is not soft! He frequently finds himself with small cuts and irritated facial skin. But, don't panic, a simple gesture with cistus hydrosol makes all this disappear.

My tip

As an aftershave, the reflex is rockrose hydrosol. My partner pours the equivalent of a teaspoon into the palm of his hand and spreads it over his face. It is more convenient to use a spray bottle or a washable cotton pad on which 1 to 2 ml of cistus hydrosol have been poured, to be dabbed on the face. This gesture is doubly beneficial. In addition to the hemostatic effect of rockrose, we will also benefit from its firming, anti-aging effect on the skin.
The scent of cistus leaves no one indifferent. It is one of the rare plants to have a slightly “animal”, masculine smell. Some find it unpleasant, others totally addictive, which is the case for my partner.
For people who are bothered by the smell, they can replace cistus hydrosol with yarrow hydrosol (see sheet 1), in the same way, applied to the entire face.
In the case of a larger cut, for which this simple gesture would not be sufficient, you can apply a drop of cistus essential oil directly to the cut. The bleeding stops almost immediately.

What does herbal medicine say?

Cistus, through the complementary action of the healing monoterpene ketones and the hemostatic monoterpene carbides which compose it, is very effective against bleeding. Cistus essential oil promotes blood clotting and strengthens the venous and capillary circulatory system. Cistus hydrosol tones the skin tissue, limits the effects of skin aging by firming the skin; it improves its healing and regeneration. Antispasmodic effects of rockrose hydrosol have also been demonstrated in animals (Aziz et al., Fitoterapia, September 2006), confirming the traditional use of rockrose for intestinal pain in certain countries.

Did you know ?

For a small cut, cleaning the skin and the wound with cistus hydrosol is sufficient. On the other hand, for a deeper wound, it is important to rinse it well to prevent germs from lodging there.

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The tip proposed with cistus hydrosol does not involve any particular contraindications, because it is a completely classic cosmetic use. The same goes for cistus essential oil. On the other hand, for this one, the oral route should be avoided (it is however very interesting for the hydrosol).


The ladaniferous cistus is a small evergreen shrub, approximately 1 m high, which grows on poor soils around the Mediterranean. The flowers, white with a red spot at the base of the petals, have a wrinkled appearance. The leaves are covered with small oil glands from which a gum-resin, labdanum, comes out, very fragrant, whose smell contributes to that of the Corsican scrub. Cistus essential oil is a powerful antihemorrhagic and healing agent. Cistus hydrosol has major hemostatic, healing, calming, bactericidal, antispasmodic, antifungal and antiviral properties.

The Products

Hydrolat Cist from Andalusia

Hydrolat Cist from Andalusia

The Ciste hydrosol of Essenciagua, 100% pure and certified organic, is an artisanal product distilled in Spain from Cistus ladaniferum. This small evergreen shrub grows on poor floors around the Mediterranean. Its leaves are covered with small oil glands from which flows a scented gum, the Labdanum, popular since the Middle Ages for its calming action.

This hydrosol is particularly effective as healing for mature skin and after-shave care. Its regenerative and soothing properties...

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