The plant

Latin: Dracunlus

Plant part: Aerial part

Origin: France

The tarragon is a semi-personal herbaceous plant, commonly cultivated for its scented leaves for condiment use. Originally from Russia and more precisely of the great steppes of Siberia, tarragon owes its name to the Latin "Dracunculus" which means little dragon. In the theory of signatures, the winding roots of tarragon resemble snakes, reminiscent of the ancients of an efficiency against the bites of snakes, and more broadly of the bitter animals. The tarragon mainly contains methylchavicol ether. It is the same main constituent as basil, which explains an olfactory resemblance between these two plants, and relatively similar properties.

The Products

Hydrolat Tarragon

Hydrolat Tarragon

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Essential Oil Tarragon

Essential Oil Tarragon

The craft essential oil of tarragon makes it possible to fight against allergies. Strengthening it is anti-inflammatory, invigorating digestive

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Tarragon Discover the distillation Tarragon
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