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Lentisque pistachier

The plant

Lentisque pistachier
Latin: Pistacia Lentiscus

Plant part: Branch

Origin: France

The pistachioar Lentisque is a shrub of 1 to 4m, with persistent leaves, which is found in the arid places around the Mediterranean. It is also called "putty tree" due to the very fragrant gum which is extracted from its trunk. This eraser is used in confectionery and enters the manufacture of liqueurs. The aromatic hydrosol of Lentisque Pistachier will delight you in case of discomfort of the legs, during prolonged standing position for example.

The Products

Hydrolat Lentisque pistachier

Hydrolat Lentisque pistachier

The hydrosol Lentisque Pistachier d'Essociagua, extract from the Lentisque pistachio, a Mediterranean shrub, is a rich and soothing natural product. This unique hydrosol, known for its refreshing essence, revitalizes the skin and the mind, offering an exceptional natural care experience.

Originally from France, the Pistachio Lentisque is a persistent shrub, cultivated in arid regions around the Mediterranean. It is also known as the sealant tree due to the aromatic gum extracted from its trunk, used in confectionery and in the manufacture of liqueurs.

The purifying and soothing properties of this hydrosol make it an excellent choice as a facial tonic, particularly effective in reducing acne and pimples. Its ability to hydrate and revitalize the skin and dry hair makes it a precious ally for dermatological care. In addition, it can be used to alleviate redness and inflammation linked to rosacea and rosacea, thus improving the appearance of scars and promoting healing of the skin.

In addition to its dermatological benefits, Lentisque Pistachier hydrosol offers structural support, helping to reduce inflammation and pain associated with hemorrhoids, thanks to its decongestant and soothing effects. It is also useful in the relief of varicose vein symptoms thanks to its vasoconstrictive and invigorating properties.

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Essential Oil Lentisque pistachier

Essential Oil Lentisque pistachier

The essential oil of Lentisque Pistachier d'Essenciagua, resulting from artisanal distillation, comes from France. This oil, extracted from Pistacia Lentiscus, a Mediterranean shrub, is recognized for its many therapeutic properties.

The Lentisque Pistachier is traditionally valued for its action on blood circulation and its effectiveness in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Its vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective natural remedy for relieving the symptoms associated with these conditions.

This essential oil also has respiratory virtues. It can be used in inhalation or in local application on the chest (always diluted) to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis thanks to its expectorant properties. It is also beneficial to reduce the inflammation of sinuses and facilitate breathing in the event of sinusitis.

On the dermatological level, the pistachio lentisque promotes the regeneration of the skin. It can be applied to help reduce the appearance of scars and promote healing. In massage, diluted in a vegetable oil, it can relieve the symptoms of varicose veins thanks to its vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, this oil is effective in relieving arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism joint pain. It can be applied in massage on the painful joints to soothe pain.

In broadcasting, its perfume can help appease stress and anxiety, contributing to a state of serenity and rest.

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Lentisque pistachierDiscover the distillation Lentisque pistachierDiscover the distillation Lentisque pistachier



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