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The plant

Latin: Citrus Reticulata

Plant part: Zest

Origin: Italy

The mandarinier is a rounded swept shrub 3 to 6 m high, giving scented white flowers, then orange fruits. Originally from China, it owes its name to its color which recalls that of the tunic of mandarins, high Chinese dignitaries. Obtained by water vapor distillation of the fresh pericarpus of the fruit, the essence of mandarin has an anti -irritability power. It is particularly suitable for people prone to anxious anxiety. This essence is also perfect for babies and young children, which it will accompany at the time of falling asleep. Mandarin essence has practically the same properties as that of sweet orange, while being more effective at bedtime, and a more marked child connotation.

What are the benefits of green tangerine

Green mandarin is a plant with many health benefits, including helping to relieve stress and sleep disorders. Thanks to its soothing properties, green mandarin can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, thus promoting better emotional balance. Additionally, its gentle, relaxing fragrance can help promote restful sleep by helping to calm the mind and promote relaxation. By using green mandarin in the form of essential oil or infusion, we can benefit from its beneficial effects on our mental and physical well-being.

The Products

Essential Oil Mandarin

Essential Oil Mandarin

Discover the essential oil of Mandarin Green Essenciagua, a 100% pure and certified organic product, from Citrus Reticulata. Originally from China and cultivated in Italy, this delicate essence is extracted by distillation with water vapor from the fresh pericarpus of the fruit. Its soft and refreshing perfume, associated with anti-irritability properties, makes it a perfect choice for those looking for serenity and relaxation.

This essential oil is particularly effective in soothing stress and anxiety. Used in diffusion or in diluted topical application, it promotes a relaxed state of mind and contributes to a restful sleep. Ideal before bedtime, it can be broadcast in the room or applied to the wrists to facilitate falling asleep, thus offering a natural remedy to sleep disorders.

In addition, green mandarin essential oil has tonic skin properties, making it useful to balance skins and oily hair. Its carminative and antispasmodic effects also make it effective in reducing bloating and gases, as well as to relieve nausea, including those related to transport evil. It stimulates digestion and soothes difficult digestions.

Finally, applied in massage (diluted in a vegetable oil), this essential oil can help improve the appearance of cellulite thanks to its invigorating properties for the skin, thus offering a complete body and mind.

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