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Pepper mint

The plant

Pepper mint
Latin: Mentha Piperita

Plant part: Flowery

Origin: France

Peppermint is a perennial about 80 cm high, widely widespread in Europe and Asia, especially at low altitude. Formerly the Chinese praised the calming and antispasmodic properties of the mints, Hippocrates judged them aphrodisiac and Pliny appreciated their analgesic action. Today mint is, with verbena and linden, one of the queen herbal teas of our meals. All mints more or less have the same properties. The aromatic hydrosol of peppermint, sprayed on the face and in the mouth, will reassure travelers subject to transport evil.

What are the benefits of Peppermint

Peppermint is an herb with many health benefits. It is particularly appreciated for its effectiveness in relieving headaches and migraines. Indeed, thanks to its antispasmodic properties, peppermint helps relax muscles and relieve tension that can cause headaches. Additionally, this herb is also known to promote better digestion by relieving difficult digestion issues and reducing bloating. Finally, peppermint is also effective in combating travel sickness by soothing nausea and dizziness associated with travel.

More about Pepper mint

The Products

Hydrolat Pepper mint

Hydrolat Pepper mint

The peppermint hydrosol of Esseciagua, a biological and artisanal product, is a refreshing essence, distilled in France from Mentha Piperita. This plant, very widespread in Europe and Asia, is famous for its refreshing qualities and its penetrating fragrance.

This hydrosol brings an immediate feeling of freshness and vitality. Used as a facial fogger, it tones the skin and provides a feeling of instant freshness, particularly appreciable during hot summer days or after exercise.

In terms of digestive health, peppermint hydrosol is an ally of choice. It helps relieve nausea and facilitates difficult digestions thanks to its soothing and carminative properties. In drink, a light infusion can help soothe stomach and stimulate digestion.

In addition, this hydrosol can be used to alleviate headaches and migraines by applying a compress soaked on the forehead or temples. Its refreshing and soothing properties help quickly relieve pain.

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Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essenciagua peppermint essential oil is an exceptional product, offering complete traceability and biological certification. Presented in a 20ml bottle, this oil is recognized for its effectiveness against nausea and transport evil, offering natural and fast relief.

The properties of peppermint do not stop there; It is also appreciated for its beneficial action on digestion and its refreshing effect. Its penetrating and invigorating aroma actually makes an excellent choice to revitalize the mind and clarify ideas.

By choosing the peppermint essential oil from Essenciagua, you opt for a higher quality product, elaborated with respect for the environment and biological standards.

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Bamboo inhaler set - Tonic

Bamboo inhaler set - Tonic

Essenciagua Bamboo Inhaler Set: Carry Wellness Everywhere

Discover the Essenciagua Bamboo Inhaler Set, designed to bring the benefits of aromatherapy with you wherever you go. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, these elegant inhalers are perfect for on-the-go wellness. Each set includes three inhalers, each formulated to provide a specific benefit: calming, respiratory support, and tonic energy.

Key Benefits:
- Calming: Soothe your mind and reduce stress with our calming blend. Perfect for moments when you need to relax and unwind.
- Respiratory Support: Breathe easier and support your respiratory health with our refreshing, minty blend. Ideal for use during cold and flu season or whenever you need a breath of fresh air.
- Tonic Energy: Revitalize your senses and boost your energy levels with our invigorating tonic blend. Great for combating fatigue and enhancing focus throughout your day.

Why Choose Essenciagua Bamboo Inhalers?
- Portable and Convenient: Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, these inhalers allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere, anytime.
- Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable bamboo, our inhalers are a natural and environmentally friendly choice.
- Easy to Use: Simply remove the cap and inhale deeply to experience the therapeutic benefits of our essential oil blends.

Experience pure wellness with Essenciagua Bamboo Inhalers. Inhale deeply and embrace the power of natural essential oils in every moment.

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Pepper mint Discover the distillation Pepper mint Discover the distillation Pepper mint Discover the distillation Pepper mint



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