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The plant

Latin: Myrtus Communis

Plant part: Branch

Origin: France

This shrub with white flowers is nicknamed "the shrub of poets". Always green (persistent leaves), it develops in bushy bushes on the coast of Mediterranean Europe, up to 800m. Symbol of Glory and Happy Love, we braided crowns for heroes and married. In religious cults, wood this stems served as incense. For beauty care, the distillation of flowers and leaves gave great renowned water, "angel water".

The Products

Essential Oil Green myrtle

Essential Oil Green myrtle

The essential oil of green myrtle from Esseciagua, distilled with artisanal expertise, is an essence rich in health and well-being benefits. This oil is extracted from the communis myrtus, a shrub with evergreen and white flowers, nicknamed "the shrub of poets". Originally from the Mediterranean and pushing up to 800m above sea level, green myrtle is a symbol of glory and happy love, used historically in religious cults and for beauty care.

This essential oil is particularly effective as decongestant, soothing coughing, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Thanks to its expectorant and antiseptic properties, it helps relieve the symptoms of respiratory conditions, while facilitating breathing.

In addition, green myrtle essential oil is beneficial for skin and oily hair by regulating sebum production. Its healing and soothing properties also make it suitable for treating chapters, accelerating healing and soothing the skin.

In addition, this oil is used for its calming effects during meditative practices, promoting deep relaxation and helping to clarify the mind. It is also known to support the thyroid function, in particular in cases of hypothyroidism, helping to regulate and balance the activity of the thyroid gland

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