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Sweet orange

The plant

Sweet orange
Latin: Citrus Sinensis

Plant part: Zest

Origin: Italy

Sweet orange is the fruit of a small fruit tree with evergreen foliage and abundant flowers drawn like stars. It is part of the rutaceous family (which produces citrus) and can reach 10m high. Originally from South East Asia, it was introduced by Arabs in North Africa, Spain and Italy only in the 15th century.

What are the benefits of Sweet Orange

Sweet orange is not only a plant with multiple health benefits, but it is also beneficial for meditation and stress management. With its calming and relaxing scent, sweet orange can help create an environment conducive to meditation, promoting relaxation and concentration. The essential oils extracted from this plant are known for their calming properties that help reduce anxiety and stress. By diffusing the aroma of sweet orange in your meditation space, you will be able to achieve a state of calm and serenity more easily, thus facilitating the practice of mindfulness and deep relaxation.

The Products

Essential Oil Sweet orange

Essential Oil Sweet orange

Esseciagua's gentle orange essential oil, artisanally distilled, is an elixir of well-being with multiple virtues. Coming from Citrus aurantium and native to Mexico, this essence is extracted from the bark of a small fruit tree with evergreen and abundant flowers. Introduced in Europe in the 15th century, the sweet orange has become a must for aromatherapy.

This essential oil is particularly appreciated for its ability to purify air, diffusing a pleasant and soothing perfume. It is also recognized for its beneficial effects on the skin and dry hair, thanks to its moisturizing and revitalizing properties.

In addition, sweet orange essential oil plays a crucial role in stress and anxiety management. Its refreshing and relaxing aroma helps to establish a feeling of general well-being and is ideal for eating anxiety. Used in broadcasting in the bedroom before bedtime, it promotes restorative sleep and can also help reduce nausea and transport evil.

In addition, this oil has lightening properties, helping to standardize the complexion and lighten skin stains. In diluted abdominal massage, it can relieve difficult digestion thanks to its carminative and antispasmodic effects.

Finally, its perfume can be used during meditation sessions to create an atmosphere of calm and spiritual awakening.

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