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The plant

Latin: Cymbopogon Martinii

Plant part: Aerial part

Origin: India

Palmarosa, with a soft fragrance, is a species of the genus cymbogon native to India and Indochina, but widely cultivated in many places for its essential oil.

The Products

Essential Oil Palmarosa

Essential Oil Palmarosa

The essential oil of Palmarosa d'Esseciagua, with its floral and comforting scent, is an ideal essence to harmonize the mind and embellish the skin. This oil, extracted from Martinii cymbogon, is a real elixir of natural well-being.

Its antibacterial and balancing properties make it a precious ally for skin care. Effective against acne and imperfections, it helps regulate sebum production, making the skin healthier and balanced. In aromatherapy, its floral fragrance soothes anxiety and stress, promoting a state of calm and relaxation.

Palmarosa essential oil is also useful for its antifungal properties. It can be applied to skin yeast infections, always diluted, to effectively treat these conditions. In addition, it is beneficial to appease eczema and psoriasis thanks to its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.

By choosing the essential oil of Palmarosa d'Essenciagua, you opt for a high quality natural product, perfect for use in skin care and aromatherapy. It is an ideal choice for those looking for natural and effective solutions for their daily well-being.

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