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Little lenient

The plant

Little lenient
Latin: Citrus

Plant part: Leaf

Origin: France

The Clémentinier is a hybrid between the mandarinier and the sweet orange. The fruit bears the name of "Clémentine" in order to pay tribute to brother Clément, who would be at the origin of this hybridization. The Clémentinier is part of the large family of citrus fruits and is cultivated for the very soft taste of his fruit and his absence of seeds. Maturity, the fruit has a green color which becomes orange following the drop in winter temperature. The essential oil is obtained by distillation of young branches garnished with berries at the start of their development and similar to "small grains".

What are the benefits of Petit Grain Clementine

Petitgrain-clementinier is a plant with numerous benefits for combating anxiety and stress. Indeed, this plant is known for its calming and soothing properties which help reduce symptoms of anxiety and promote relaxation. By inhaling its delicate scent, you can feel a deep sensation of well-being and serenity. In addition, petitgrain-clementinier is also used in aromatherapy to relieve muscle tension and promote quality sleep. Thanks to its relaxing properties, this plant is a precious ally for regaining emotional and mental balance in our often stressful daily lives.

The Products

Essential Oil Little lenient

Essential Oil Little lenient

The essential oil of small lenses of Essenciagua is a concentrate of benefits for well-being and relaxation. Chémotypical and botanically defined, this essential oil is extracted from the Citrus leaves, a hybrid between the mandarin and the sweet orange. It is produced with complete traceability, guaranteeing its purity and its biological quality.

Recognized for its soothing virtues, this oil is ideal for promoting sleep and relaxation. It helps to appease stress and calm anxiety thanks to its refreshing and calming aroma. In dissemination, it creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and letting go, contributing to a feeling of inner peace.

This essential oil is also beneficial for skins and oily hair thanks to its regulatory and purifying properties. It can be used in skin care routines to treat acne and skin imperfections, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

In aromatherapy, it is used to reduce intellectual fatigue and overwork. Its stimulating and invigorating perfume on the mind helps to clarify thoughts and renew mental energy. It can also be applied in diluted massage to regulate excessive sweating, thanks to its balancing and astringent properties.

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