The plant

Sylvestre pine
Latin: Pinus Sylvestris

Plant part: Branch

Origin: France

Sylvestre pine is a very beautiful tree, rare and cultivated in plains, which spontaneously believes in montages to the forest limit. It resists heat, drought, cold, but not to the deprivation of light. It is considered the most precious of the pines. Its wood supplied a tar, its buds are rich in active ingredients. Hippocrates already quoted pine extract to treat diseases from the respiratory system. This is always for this that is greatly used today. The essential oil, obtained by the distillation of needles and buds, gives off a warm, harsh, wooded aroma and mainly contains monoterpenes and esters, responsible for its properties. The sylvestre pine hydrosol will be particularly appreciated during winter affections, in diffusion for example, thus offering a pleasant olfactory sensation typical of conifers.

The Products

Essential Oil Sylvestre pine

Essential Oil Sylvestre pine

Discover our essential oil of Pinus Sylvestris acting the respiratory tract and fighting against ENT problems, it stimulates immunity

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Hydrolat Sylvestre pine

Hydrolat Sylvestre pine

Made in Lozère, our Sylvestre Pine Hydrolate Biological certification releases sinuses. It can be used for nose washing and oily skins

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Sylvestre pine Discover the distillation Sylvestre pine Discover the distillation Sylvestre pine
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