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The plant

Latin: Cinnamosma Fragrans Baill

Plant part: Flowery

Origin: Madagascar

Palmarosa, with a soft fragrance, is a species of the genus cymbogon native to India and Indochina, but widely cultivated in many places for its essential oil.

What are the benefits of Saro

Saro is known for its benefits on the respiratory tract. In fact, this plant is often recommended to relieve the symptoms of colds and coughs. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, saro helps clear the respiratory tract and soothe throat irritations. In addition, its pleasant smell helps to decongest the sinuses and make breathing easier. By using saro in essential oil, inhaled or diffused, you can quickly find relief from symptoms related to colds and coughs. This plant is a valuable ally in fighting respiratory infections and strengthening the immune system.

The Products

Essential Oil Saro

Essential Oil Saro

The essential oil of Saro of Essenciagua is an invigorating and purifying elixir, ideal for strengthening the natural defenses of the body. Distilled from Cinnamosma Fragrans, an endemic plant from Madagascar, this essential oil is recognized for its multiple therapeutic virtues.

Strengthening natural defenses: This essential oil is particularly effective in stimulating the immune system. Its regular use can help prevent infections and keep the body healthy.

Aroma energizing: With its fresh and energizing perfume, Saro essential oil offers a real puff of vitality. It is ideal for fighting fatigue and giving a boost during energy drops.

Respiratory benefits: Saro oil is also recognized for its expectorant properties. It can be used in inhalation or in topical application to relieve cough and decongest the airways.

Effects on the skin: This oil has antiseptic and healing properties, making it useful for the care of problem skins, such as acne or skin irritation.

Use in aromatherapy: in diffusion, Saro essential oil creates a purifying and revitalizing atmosphere in your environment, helping to purify air and raise mood.

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