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The plant

Latin: Salvia Offinalis

Plant part: Flower

Origin: France

Beyond its vocation as a culinary aromat, the hydrosol of sage officinalles will be a privileged ally for any woman having to cross the often difficult period of menopause with all the unknowns that this implies. Sage officinale is a sub-armor of the Lamiaceae family, often cultivated in gardens as a condiment and officinal plant, or simply for the beauty of its foliage and flowers. The Latin name of the sage officinal evokes its properties since "Salvare" means saving, healing. The whole plant is powerfully aromatic and a hot, slightly bitter flavor. The medicinal use of sage is very old.

What are the benefits of medicinal sage?

Sage is a plant with multiple health benefits. It is particularly recognized for its regulating action on excessive sweating. Thanks to its astringent properties, sage helps reduce excessive sweating, particularly in the armpits and feet. Additionally, this herb is also beneficial for women suffering from menstrual cycle disorders. By regulating hormones and promoting hormonal balance, sage can help relieve symptoms related to painful or irregular periods. By integrating medicinal sage into your well-being routine, you will be able to benefit from its many benefits for your overall health.

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Discover the hydrosol of Essenciagua Sage Sage, certified organic, a versatile and precious product for health and well-being. Distilled in France from the Salvia officinalis, this plant is cultivated for its medicinal, culinary and aesthetic properties. His wealth in aromatic compounds gives him a warm and slightly bitter taste, while his Latin name "Salvare", meaning "save" or "heal", evokes his many virtues.

This hydrosol is a precious ally for female balance, especially during menopause. It helps to alleviate heat puffs and regulates menstrual disorders thanks to its balancing hormonal properties. In topical application, it regulates excessive sweating, acting as an effective natural deodorant.

In addition, officinal sage hydrosol has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, useful in gargling to soothe the throat and inflamed vocal cords. Used as a facial tonic, it helps reduce acne and pimples thanks to its purifying and astringent properties. It also regulates sebum production, beneficial for oily skin and hair.

Finally, this hydrosol facilitates difficult digestion and reduces stress and anxiety when used in inhalation or vaporization, thanks to its soothing properties.

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL Discover the distillation SAGE OFFICINAL



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