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Essential Oil Maritime pine

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The essential oil of Esseciagua's maritime pine, certified organic, is a natural essence from Pinus Pinaster, a robust and majestic tree of the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. This oil is obtained by meticulous, chémotypical and botanically defined distillation, guaranteeing maximum purity and efficiency.

Renowned for its purifying properties, the essential oil of maritime pine is an excellent choice to clean up the air of your interior. In broadcast, it releases a fresh and wooded fragrance, eliminating unwanted bacteria and smells, and creating an invigorating and healthy atmosphere.

On a respiratory level, this essential oil is particularly effective. It acts as a natural expectorant, helping to relieve the congestion of the airways in the event of bronchitis, colds or sinusitis. In inhalation, it facilitates breathing and soothes irritation of the respiratory tract.

Maritime pine essential oil is also beneficial for muscles and joints. In massage, diluted in a vegetable oil, it helps to relax the tense muscles and relieve joint pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

In addition, this essential oil is used for its invigorating effects on the body and the mind. It stimulates energy, helps fight fatigue and brings a feeling of vitality and well-being.

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Top benefits

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Breathing & allergies shield

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Sinusitis ?

It helps relieve symptoms of sinusitis, as its decongestant components help reduce inflammation and nasal size.

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Breathing & allergies shield

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Cough ?

This oil can be used to calm cough, especially in the event of dry cough, due to its expectorant properties.

Modes of Use

The Plant Maritime pine

Maritime pine

Nom Latin : Pinus Pinaster

Partie de la plante : Branch

Origine : Portugal

Maritime pine (or pine of the Landes) is a kind of conifers from the Pinaceae family. It is a tree that can reach 30 m high, which matures around 40 or 50 years old and which can live up to 500 years. Originally from the central and western Mediterranean, it supports poor soils but needs light, heat and a certain atmospheric humidity while supporting the summer drought. Maritime pine is very widespread in the southern areas, and cultivated in the Landes for its ability to fix the sand, but also for its wood used in the frames, stationery and carpentry. In the past, his resin was harvested from which turpentine was drawn. Like all conifers, maritime pine is a very good antiseptic.

Secondary use

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Common cold
Breathing & allergies shield

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Common cold ?

In inhalation, it can help relieve the symptoms of colds, due to its antiseptic and decongestant properties.

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Breathing & allergies shield

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Bronchitis ?

Maritime pine essential oil is effective in relieving bronchitis thanks to its expectorant properties, helping to clear the airways.

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Skin, fatty hair
Dermatological radiance

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Skin, fatty hair ?

It helps regulate sebum production for skins and oily hair, thanks to its astringent and purifying properties.

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Structural support

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Headache, migraine ?

Maritime pine oil, applied locally in appropriate dilution, can relieve headache and migraines, thanks to its analgesic and refreshing properties.

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Physical fatigue
Serenity & rest

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Physical fatigue ?

Used in diffusion or inhalation, maritime pine oil helps fight physical fatigue thanks to its stimulating and revitalizing effect.

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Spiritual awakening

How to Use Essential Oil Maritime pine for Meditation ?

Its wooded and fresh scent can be used during meditation sessions to create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and spiritual awakening.

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Mode d'utilisation
Partie de la plante
rameau à aiguilles
Common cold
Headache, migraine
Physical fatigue
Skin, fatty hair

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