Huile de massage Après-Coup


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Massage oil afterwards of Esseciagua is a unique body treatment, composed of an oily arnica macerat and a mixture of organic, lavandin and cypress organic essential oils. Bearing the "Biogarantie" label, this product combines the benefits of arnica, recognized for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, to those of carefully selected essential oils.

Arnica oily macerat: infused in organic sesame vegetable oil, the Macérat d'Arnica is ideal for relieving muscle pain, bruises and swelling. It is recognized for its rapid action on tired muscles and sore areas.

Helichryse essential oil: also called immortal, this oil is famous for its ability to promote healing and reduce blues. It is ideal for skin care after minor injuries or shocks.

Lavandin essential oil: it brings its relaxing and calming properties, ideal for soothing tensions and stress.

Cypress essential oil: known for its beneficial effects on blood circulation, it helps reduce the feeling of heavy legs and varicose veins.

In massage, this oil offers immediate relief and a feeling of comfort. It is particularly recommended after sports activities, intense physical efforts, or to relieve pain related to arthritis or osteoarthritis

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