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Trousse jambes légères

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The light legs of Essenciagua is designed to offer relief and freshness to your legs throughout the summer. This kit includes:

Peppermint essential oil (5ml): recognized for its refreshing and soothing properties, this oil is ideal for relieving tired legs and stimulating circulation.

Rosemary oil from the country of OC (5ml): promotes blood circulation, helping to reduce the feeling of heavy legs.

Italian Helichrysal Hydrosol (250ml): known for its decongesting properties, this floral water soothes and tones the legs.

In addition, a postcard is included with recipes and advice to maximize the benefits of products. This kit is a natural solution to find lightness and comfort.

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Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essenciagua peppermint essential oil is an exceptional product, offering complete traceability and biological certification. Presented in a 20ml bottle, this oil is recognized for its effectiveness against nausea and transport evil, offering natural and fast relief.

The properties of peppermint do not stop there; It is also appreciated for its beneficial action on digestion and its refreshing effect. Its penetrating and invigorating aroma actually makes an excellent choice to...
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Essential Oil Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Essential Oil Rosemary from Pays d'Oc

Rosemary oil of the country of OC of Essenciagua is a treasure of nature, stimulating and clarifying, ideal for revitalizing the mind and purifying the air. Coming from Rosmarinus officinalis, cultivated in the picturesque region of the Oc country, this organic essential oil carries in it all the freshness of the French South.

This essential oil is particularly appreciated for its invigorating and invigorating properties. It is an excellent choice to stimulate concentration and...
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Hydrolat Italian Helichryse

Hydrolat Italian Helichryse

The Italian Helichrysus hydrosol of Essentials, certified organic, is an exceptional product, produced in France. Distilled with untreated spring water, this hydrosol draws its benefits from the Helichryrysum Italicum, a Mediterranean plant known for its bright yellow flowers and its extraordinary properties.

This hydrosol is particularly recognized for its anti-hematoma capacities and its beneficial effects on circulatory disorders. It accelerates the absorption of hematomas and...
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